7 Plumbing Tips to Help You Save Money

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You want everything in your Chandler home to function seamlessly—including your plumbing systems. That’s why taking care of your equipment is so essential.

Mason Pro Services is your trusted provider for all your heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing needs. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while enjoying the efficient operation of your Arizona home’s most valuable equipment.

Our experts are always happy to help and offer lasting solutions. We have practical cost-saving tips to keep you comfortable and safe year-round!

Plumbing Tips for Chandler Homeowners

To reduce the risk of an unexpected plumbing problem and save money in the long run, here are seven essential plumbing tips:

  1. Check for leaks regularly.
    Even minor leaks can quickly escalate and result in more significant problems, wasting water and increasing your water bill. Do not pour money down the drain! Regularly inspect under sinks, around faucets, and near appliances for any signs of leakage, and then call our Mason Pro Services experts so we can quickly address any issues.

  2. Be cautious about what goes down the drain.
    Flushing items—such as excessive amounts of toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, and other foreign items—down the toilet or pouring them down the sink is a common cause of blockages. In the kitchen, steer clear of dumping fats, oils, and grease down the drain or garbage disposal, which can solidify and clog pipes.

  3. Insulate your pipes.
    Unprotected pipes can freeze and burst during colder months. Insulate your pipes, especially those in unheated areas, to prevent potential damage and save on repair costs.

  4. Invest in high-efficiency fixtures.
    High-efficiency faucets and showerheads use less water without sacrificing performance. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), replacing outdated fixtures with WaterSense-labeled models can save the average family more than 2,700 gallons of water annually. Our professionals can recommend the most efficient products to help you maximize your savings.

  5. Know the location of your main water shut-off valve.
    In case of a major leak or plumbing emergency, you will need to shut off the main water supply quickly. Knowing the exact location of the shut-off valve and ensuring it is in working condition can prevent extensive water damage and save you money on repairs.

  6. Schedule regular maintenance.
    Just like your heating and cooling systems, your plumbing equipment requires occasional maintenance. Schedule annual inspections with our Mason Pro Services professionals so we can catch any potential issues before they become significant problems. Maintaining your current water heater annually by flushing out sediment can result in substantial savings.

  7. Opt for energy-efficient water heaters.
    Water heating can be a significant portion of your utility bill. Consider upgrading to an energy-efficient tankless model for even more savings over time.

By following the tips above, you can prevent common plumbing issues, enjoy a smooth operating system, and, most importantly, save money.

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