Commercial Cooling

Commercial Heating service.
Commercial Heating service.

Our hot summers here in Arizona can be a challenge for any business. Don’t let your Chandler business suffer from the heat—be sure you have reliable commercial air conditioning equipment.

Your customers, employees, and guests should remain comfortable inside your business at all times. An efficient commercial cooling system helps you achieve this.

Discomfort may cause anyone inside your building to become stressed, agitated, and uneasy. To operate a successful business, you need a safe environment. You will entice customers and guests while supporting ideal working conditions for employees, which may boost productivity.

Mason Pro Services can help with any of your heating, cooling, commercial electrical, commercial plumbing, and commercial maintenance needs.

We have been providing Chandler businesses with trusted commercial services since 1993. It would be our pleasure to help you transform your commercial setting into a safer, more comfortable environment for your customers, tenants, or employees.

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Commercial Cooling Services in Chandler

Whether you are deciding on the best commercial cooling system for your new building or looking to replace your older commercial cooling equipment, our Mason Pro Services experts can help.

Did you run into a problem with your commercial cooling unit? Our NATE-certified professionals can quickly resolve the issue. We offer emergency services and a competitive commercial maintenance plan to get the job done right.

Why Choose Mason Pro Services

At Mason Pro Services, we believe in upholding our promise to you—excellent service and upfront pricing to avoid any surprises. Whether we are providing you with commercial cooling installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance services, you can trust your equipment is in good hands.

From one business to another, we are here for you and will support you as best as we can.

We are proud of our 5-star Google and Yelp reviews and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are an established company with years of commercial HVAC experience.

We respect your time and will perform service promptly but efficiently. Your business is important and requires your full attention, so let us handle all of your commercial HVAC needs and concerns.

Commercial Cooling Installation and Replacement

To recommend the best system for your commercial business, we will consider the size and layout of your commercial building—along with your energy efficiency goals and budget.

If your building has existing systems we can help you determine the best way to upgrade or replace the outdated or inefficient units.

Commercial Water-Source Heat Pumps

Are you considering a commercial cooling upgrade? Or want an energy-efficient cooling system installed at a new location? A water-source heat pump (WSHP) could be perfect for your commercial property.

Water-source heat pumps provide cooling by removing warm air from inside your business and transferring it to a nearby body of water. These systems are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our professionals will install an underground closed-looped system that works with a heat exchanger to keep your building comfortable in warm and cold weather.

Heat pumps are a perfect solution for heating and air conditioning your Chandler building. Lower your carbon footprint and your energy costs. Call today for a free consultation.

Trane® Performance Climate Changer Air Handler

A versatile  Trane Performance Climate Changer Air Handler can pair with certain existing systems for more consistent, greater comfort.

With this valuable additional system, you can count on the ideal performance and enhance the indoor air quality inside your business. Enjoy optimal efficiency and cool each and every area of your commercial property.

Industrial Coolers

Reduce the temperature of your equipment at your commercial property with an industrial chiller. An industrial cooler removes heat and transfers it elsewhere to offer the powerful cooling your business and its machinery require.

Overheated equipment is inefficient. Industrial coolers negate this by controlling the indoor temperature and supporting the better operation of your equipment.

Whether you need an industrial cooler in your factory, warehouse, garage, or outdoor space, you can enjoy increased safety and efficiency.

Our Mason Pro Services professionals provide industrial cooler installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance. Keep your attention on your business and call us to handle any of your cooling needs.

Commercial Chillers

Does your business require a commercial chiller? Let our Mason Pro Services experts help you select the best make and model based on your business location’s size and layout.

Whether the scope of your business focuses on food and beverage, print and design, metal finishing, pharmaceuticals, or something else requiring commercial chiller application, Mason Pro Services is here to help you regulate the temperature at your commercial property.

Our team of skilled and trained professionals helps businesses in many different areas. Be sure to speak with one of our experts today to get started with the industrial cooler services you need.

VRF systems

Provide both heating and cooling to your commercial property with a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system. VRF systems use refrigerants and operate similarly to ductless mini splits.

VRF systems connect outdoor units to several indoor units through refrigerant piping, acting as a zone control system to provide heating or cooling to the different areas of your commercial building as needed.

Are you ready to install a VRF system in your commercial building? Start experiencing direct heating and cooling in your offices, stores, hotel rooms, or multi-residential units. Our Mason Pro Services commercial cooling experts are here with the VRF installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services you need for your business to thrive. Call us today.

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

Variable air volume (VAV) systems operate differently than traditional commercial HVAC systems. Instead of distributing air at a constant flow and varying temperature, VAV systems use a constant temperature and vary the airflow to provide heating and cooling.

Ready to add a VAV system to your business location? Give our Mason Pro Services experts a call to get started with your installation. We can replace your current cooling equipment and help you achieve your goal of a desirable business atmosphere.

If you experience any problems with your VAV system or want to keep it operating at peak capacity, give our professionals a call to schedule a repair and maintenance visit.

Commercial Cooling Repairs

We understand how demanding it can be to operate a business. It’s far too easy to ignore a seemingly minor problem with your commercial HVAC equipment—after all, who wants to deal with another issue?

Don’t provide an opportunity for the problem to worsen—or lead to an even more expensive repair. Seemingly minor issues can become major if you don’t repair them. Call our Mason Pro Services professionals for the commercial cooling repairs you need.

Are you dealing with a pressing issue? We offer emergency repair service. Let us inspect your equipment, diagnose the situation and restore your cooling system.

Commercial Cooling Maintenance

The best way to ensure your commercial business remains comfortable with a fully operational and efficient cooling system is by scheduling routine professional maintenance services with our Mason Pro Services experts. We will provide the tune-ups your equipment needs and inspect all components to ensure everything is operating safely and appropriately.

Have trouble remembering when it’s time for a maintenance visit? Sign up for our commercial maintenance plan! You’ll receive two included tune-ups each year, discounted repair rates, and priority service. Becoming a member is a great way to protect your investment for your business location.

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