How to Care for Your Plumbing Pipes

Take Care Of Your Plumbing Pipes!

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As temperatures rise in the Valley of the Sun, desert living presents its unique challenges to the maintenance and upkeep of your plumbing system. Neglecting your plumbing pipes can lead to costly repairs and inconvenience, which is why our licensed plumbers are here to provide expert advice on how to care for them.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Plumbing

With a few simple plumbing tips, you can safeguard your plumbing and enjoy peace of mind year-round.

Regular maintenance is the cornerstone of a healthy plumbing system. Common plumbing maintenance tasks include:

  • Checking for and repairing leaks in pipes and faucets to prevent water wastage and damage to surrounding structures. 
  • Regularly cleaning drains to prevent clogs and backups is essential for proper water flow and to avoid potential flooding.
  • Inspecting and maintaining water heaters to ensure efficient operation and extend their life span while reducing energy consumption.
  • Replacing worn-out seals and washers in fixtures that can prevent leaks and water damage over time. 
  • Regularly testing and maintaining water pressure levels throughout the plumbing system.

Schedule a sewer line camera inspection with Mason Pro Services to check for leaks, corrosion, or other potential issues. Our team of experienced technicians will thoroughly assess your sewer line and address any problems before they escalate, saving you time and money in the long run.

Keep an Eye Out for Leaks in Your Plumbing

Even seemingly minor leaks in your plumbing system can damage your home’s structure and furnishings if left unaddressed. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), leaky pipes waste as much as 10,000 gallons of water annually and add up to 10 percent to your water bill!

Regular inspections of your pipes are crucial to catch leaks early before they escalate into larger and costlier issues. 

Look for telltale signs such as dampness, mold growth, soft drywall, or water stains, as these can indicate hidden leaks that need immediate attention to prevent further damage and ensure the integrity of your home’s plumbing system.

If you notice any signs of a leak, don’t hesitate to contact Mason Pro Services for our state-of-the-art leak locating services and prompt repairs. Our skilled plumbers utilize advanced techniques and equipment to detect and fix leaks quickly, preventing further damage to your property.

Avoid Clogs in Your Shower, Tub, and Sink Drains

A common plumbing issue that plagues homeowners in Phoenix and around the country is clogged drains. To prevent clogs, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Avoid pouring grease, oil, or coffee grounds down the drain. 
  • Use drain strainers to catch hair in the shower and food debris in the kitchen sink.
  • Flush your drains with hot water regularly to clear buildup and keep gnats like drain flies and fruit flies away. 

If you experience persistent clogs, Mason Pro Services offers professional drain cleaning services to restore proper flow and prevent future blockages.

The Hot Weather and Your Plumbing System

If this summer is anything like last year, homeowners should be aware that those temperatures could affect more than their cooling bill—they could affect the health of their pipes.

Heat can cause pipes to expand, leading to loosened or broken connections and leaks. If any of your plumbing is exposed around the exterior of your home, this effect can be exacerbated.  

Inspect outdoor spigots, hoses, and pipes for loose connections, tears, or wear. After a summer-long period of being turned on and off, the constant usage could lead to looser outdoor spigots. 

Being a cautious and proactive homeowner who regularly inspects their plumbing could help save you from major repairs and excessive water bills from unknown leaks. 

Offering Nearby Professional Plumbing Repairs

While relying on professional plumbers for complex issues is wise, simple DIY maintenance and minor repairs can be both practical and cost-saving. Tasks like fixing a leaky faucet, clearing minor clogs, or tightening loose connections can often be handled without professional assistance. 

However, knowing your limits and seeking professional help for any repairs beyond your skill level is crucial to prevent exacerbating the issue and causing more extensive damage to your plumbing system.

At Mason Pro Services, our plumbers are licensed, insured, and equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle any plumbing issue with precision and efficiency. We are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing repairs.

Whether you need a new faucet or complete pipe replacement, you can rely on us to deliver superior results every time.

Why Choose Mason Pro Services?

At Mason Pro Services, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and unparalleled expertise to our customers in Chandler, AZ. With years of experience in the industry, our team is committed to providing top-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Whether you require routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or new installations, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. 

Trust Mason Pro Services for all your plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical needs, and experience the difference firsthand.

Get Professional Plumbing Services

Taking good care of your plumbing pipes is essential for maintaining a safe and functional home. By following these tips and partnering with a trusted professional like Mason Pro Services, you can ensure that your plumbing system remains in optimal condition year-round. 

Contact us today to schedule an inspection or service appointment, and let us help you keep your plumbing pipes in tip-top shape in Chandler, AZ. You can also request service online!

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