Image of ductless system. Planning to Remodel? Go Ductless!

Planning to Remodel? Go Ductless!

March 15, 2023

A ductless system, also known as a mini split, can add comfort to areas of your Arizona home where ductwork cannot reach.

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Image of a home. Video - Which Air Quality Equipment Should I Install?

Video – Which Air Quality Equipment Should I Install?

February 27, 2023

Indoor air quality is on everyone’s mind but how do you know what equipment is right for your home?

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A man ponders on a laptop. Why Is My Furnace Filter Soggy?

Why Is My Furnace Filter Soggy?

February 15, 2023

The bad news is there is something wrong with your furnace. The good news is it can usually be repaired quickly. However, you should take care of the problem as soon as possible.

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Image of someone looking at their phone. Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Cost-Effective?

Video – Are Wi-Fi Thermostats Cost-Effective?

January 31, 2023

Why are you heating and cooling your home when you are not there? Being able to control your thermostat when you are away is one of the most cost effective energy improvements you can make in your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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An electrical outlet is afire. Electrical Safety Tips.

Electrical Safety Tips

January 12, 2023

In today’s world of do-it-yourself everything, it’s easy to be tempted to take on things that may be out of our range of experience.

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Piggy bank on money concept for business finance, investment and saving.

How the Inflation Reduction Act Affects Your Arizona Home

January 5, 2023

Our team at Mason Pro Services is ready to assist you every step of the way, from conducting an energy audit of your Mesa home to helping you understand the eligible rebates and tax credits so that you can take full advantage of them.

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Image of someone wrapped in a blanket. Video - Upgrade Your Furnace.

Video – Upgrade Your Furnace

December 28, 2022

Upgrade your furnace for increased energy efficiency and heating cost reduction.

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2 hundred dollar bills in a sink with water. 5 Plumbing Problems Costing You Money.

5 Plumbing Problems Costing You Money

December 15, 2022

It is no myth many Arizona homeowners will ignore plumbing problems, hoping they will just go away. 

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A man getting running clean drinking water from his sink into a clear glass cup.

5 Benefits of Choosing Redox Water Softeners for Your Home

December 9, 2022

Are you concerned about high mineral levels in your Mesa home’s water supply? Hard water has many disadvantages, from compromising your plumbing equipment to irritating your skin to causing your colored clothing to fade in the washing machine.

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Replace your air filter as recommended. Replace Your Air Filter.

Replace Your Air Filter

November 28, 2022

Change your HVAC filters regularly, as recommended, which is usually at least every three months.

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