Air Conditioning Articles

Air Handler Maintenance

October 5, 2022
Home air conditioner and heating air filter intake vent on wall that leads to the handler.

Regularly scheduled maintenance for your air handler keeps you healthier; extends the life of your system; and contributes to heating, ventilation, and (HVAC) higher efficiency; and may even reduce your energy bills. At Mason Pro Services, our team of HVAC professionals has extensive experience and knowledge to handle this for you.

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Top Causes of AC Failure

July 12, 2022
Blog Title: Top Causes of AC Failure Photo: Home Air Conditioner unit

If you are a homeowner in Gilbert getting ready for a scorching summer, you will want to understand the top causes of air conditioner failures and what to do to prevent or address them.

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Summer Energy Saving Tips

June 1, 2022
Summer Savings Tips for AC

It’s almost summertime in Arizona and there are many ways to manage your energy use during the hottest time of the year. Here are a few tips from the Mason Pro Services team!

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