5 Benefits of an Electric Charging Station at Your Home

family charging EV at home with their private charging station.

Is there an electric car in your future, or do you own one of the estimated 3 million electric vehicles on the road?

Whether you plan to buy or are the proud owner of an electric vehicle, Mason Pro Services can smooth your journey by making battery charging easy and convenient. We are a family-owned business with electrical home comfort solutions for business and residential customers in Arizona.

Our service menu includes installing, repairing, and maintaining electric car charging stations.

EV Sales Continue to Grow

Once you buy an electric vehicle, you can say goodbye to gas stations and “fill ‘er up” at a charging port at home.

Electric vehicle sales have reportedly tripled, and public charging stations have grown by 40 percent since 2021. The federal government aims for electric vehicles to make up 50 percent of all vehicle sales by 2030 and supports building a coast-to-coast network of public charging stations on major highways.

Closer to home, Arizona has 929 public charging stations with 2,517 charging ports, according to Maricopa County.

The Benefits of a Home Charing Station

You can use a public charging station to keep your electric vehicle humming along—but keep in mind that charging is not as fast as filling a tank with gas.

You can spend five minutes or less in a gas station and leave with a full tank. Charging your vehicle at the fastest charger might take 20-30 minutes for an 80 percent charge. A Level 2 charge requires 4-8 hours.

Installing a charging station at home offers benefits you will not get at a public station. Here are five reasons to install an electric vehicle charging port at your home:

  1. Convenience
    You can plug in at night and be ready to roll by morning, a convenience you never had with a gasoline-powered vehicle. You are in control of your own charging station. There is no chance of someone unplugging your vehicle and plugging theirs in.
  • Saving Money
    You know the electricity rates for your home. You can charge your vehicle during off-peak hours when electricity rates are at their lowest. Cost and charging plans can vary from public station to station. Prices may differ depending on the time of day.
  • Home Value
    According to Zillow, homes with electrical vehicle chargers sell up to 10 days faster than homes without chargers. Homes with environment-friendly features, like solar panels, electric vehicle chargers, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient appliances and lighting, can make your property more appealing to buyers.

    Realtor.com analyzed the housing market in areas with the most vehicle charging stations and those with fewer stations. It found that homes in areas with the most electric vehicle charging stations were listed 1.5 times higher than the other nearby communities.

    Imagine how a home charging station might affect the property value and resale price of your Fountain Hills home.
  • Tax Credits
    You can get financial help to pay for your home electric vehicle charger through the federal government via tax credits. Through 2032, you can claim 30 percent of the cost of up to $1,000 for installing a charging station at your home.

    Arizona Public Service (APS) and Salt River Project (SRP) customers can save $250 on a qualifying Level 2 charger.

    Time Saver
    You save time you typically would spend driving to and from a charging station. With a home charger, you do not have to wait in line or waste time searching for a charging station.

Start Charging at Home Today

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