“If possible, I would give Mason Pro 10 stars. Had my yearly a/c checkup on April 29th. After running some tests, Mike felt there was a defective TXV valve that would need to be replaced. I was surprised as the unit is only 3 years old! But this being the second unit purchased from Mason…I trust them. Mike came back May 1st to replace the valve. In the process of doing so, he found that it wasn't the valve at all, but a valve outside that wasn't completely open causing the problem. After opening the outside valve completely, the "non-repair" was finished. I can't thank Mike enough for finding out what the problem was. Ben arrived to do the cleaning of the evaporator coils doing it quickly and between the two of them, my system is now running great and more importantly correctly. THANK YOU both for your time and work today. The reps from Mason are some of the most efficient, polite, honest, and knowledgeable. Mason Pro is the BEST!!”

– Suz G.