Trane Comfort Performance Filter

Trane Comfort Performance Filter.

Trane® Comfort Performance Air Filters are compatible with Trane systems, or any standard HVAC system. Replace your air filter at least every 90 days with a Comfort Performance filter to maximize your system’s efficiency.

Take Control of Your Air

Trane® Comfort Performance Air Filters removes dust and lint for a true balance between clean air and optimal HVAC system efficiency.


Trane Comfort Performance Filter Features:

  • 1000 Filter Performance Rating with MERV 9
  • Electrostatically Charged Fibers Attract and Capture Microscopic Airborne Particles
  • Helps Maintain HVAC Efficiency Over the Life of the Filter, with Up to 90 Days Air Flow Performance
  • Captures Household Dust, Dust Mite, Mold Spores, Pollen, Pet Dander
  • Fits Standard HVAC Equipment Brands
  • Sizes Available: 14x14x1, 14x20x1, 14x25x1, 16x16x1, 16x20x1, 16x25x1, 20x20x1, 20x22x1, 20x25x1, 20x30x1

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