a thermostat being adjusted to for energy saving

Winter Energy Saving Tips

When you have acclimated to the Arizona weather, it is hard to imagine that there is such a thing as winter – unless you live in the Phoenix area of the state.

There is the potential for temperatures to drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with a real possibility of reaching the freezing point. For those who live in colder climates, that doesn’t sound like much of a challenge. However, for those who are born and raised in Arizona, it calls for putting the heating on. Saving energy is a state pastime in Arizona. Although the summer months are usually the time when homeowners are most proactive, it’s important not to lose sight of the goal in winter. Energy conservation is a year-round commitment. If you have your heating on, the cost will accumulate on your energy bill.

Energy Audit

An energy audit is the best way to make sure your home is not playing a part in hiking up your energy bills. A BPI Certified Building Analyst comes into your home and carries out an inspection to determine where your home is defective in heat retention. The analyst will also use specialized equipment to find energy defects that are adding to your bill unnecessarily.

Poor energy performance can play a large part in escalating bills. You will receive a full report on the areas of concern, including an approximate figure on what you could save by making improvements. This will provide you with an idea of your return on investment (ROI) on changes such as renovations and installation of new heating systems.

Heating System Maintenance

If you use a gas furnace, electrical heating system or heat pump, yearly servicing is an essential requirement. At Mason Mechanical, we can service your heating system to ensure that it is ready to take on the winter. A heating system that is not working effectively will cost you money and may break down when you need it most. You can rely on Mason Mechanical to conduct a thorough check on your heating system and carry out any necessary repairs and adjustments.

Our pricing structure is designed towards providing customers with a fair price for work upfront. We value helping you save money, which is why the maintenance of heating systems is an important part of what we do.

Gas fireplaces and firepits also require servicing so that you have every option for keeping warm during the winter. We recommend having these inspections carried out in the fall or early winter while the temperatures are still relatively high. Servicing involves inspecting the fireplace or firepit, making adjustments and cleaning before use. Clogging from the monsoon season is one of the main concerns with these features, with lack of use exacerbating the situation. Mason Mechanical can call on your home or business on the same day to make sure your heating equipment is in excellent working order.

We only hire the best service technicians in the state of Arizona. Our goal is to leave you with heating systems that are effective and energy efficient. You can enjoy the winter in heat and comfort with friends and family when you trust Mason Mechanical for all your servicing, maintenance and repair needs.

Improved Insulation

Insulation is one of the areas where contractors and homeowners often get it wrong in Arizona, either by design or during installation. If you want to retain heat in the right way and block it out when summer comes around again, it is important to check and correct your insulation. If the insulation in your home was not installed correctly, it won’t do the job for which it was designed. Heat will escape, making your heating system work harder to keep you warm during the winter months.

Ineffective insulation means more money paid out unnecessarily on energy bills each year. It is therefore essential that you have your insulation inspected and any corrections carried out. The insulation may not be thick enough or have gaps that are letting heat escape during winter. Paying to have these issues fixed will save you money over the long term.

Smart Technology

Advanced technology such as smart thermostats can really help Arizona homeowners in their energy-saving efforts. Older thermostats don’t typically give you much control over the heat you use. A smart thermostat is designed with energy savings in mind and will allow you to use your heating system more efficient.

A newer HVAC system may also provide greater savings over time. Mason Mechanical can carry out an inspection of your heating system and make tailored recommendations for your home. We specialize in assessing heating ducts to determine if heat is being lost. Our technicians are upfront and honest when advising customers on repairs or new heating system installations.

If you want to get ready for winter with saving energy as a priority, call Mason Mechanical today.