Wi-fi thermostat

Why You Should Get a Wi-Fi Thermostat

All the benefits of this piece of smart home technology.

You’ve probably heard of different ways to make your home a “smart house”, from robot vacuums to speakers that give you weather updates. While some people are quick to buy the latest smart-home technology, others are reluctant to allow technology to have that much power in their homes. However, the one thing that we believe every home should have though is a Wi-Fi thermostat. If you’re considering upgrading your thermostat to a high-tech Wi-Fi version, here’s what you need to know.


Wi-Fi thermostats are designed to help you save energy and consequently, money. Wi-Fi thermostats are often confused with smart thermostats, and while they’re similar they do have some key differences. Smart thermostats rely on artificial intelligence to predict when you’ll get home every day and adjust the temperature accordingly. But, of course, you don’t come home at the same time every day for a number of reasons. Therefore, there can be a disconnect between when your smart thermostat adjusts the temperature for you coming home and when you actually arrive.

A Wi-Fi thermostat knows exactly when you’re going to be home and keeps your home at an energy-saving temperature until you arrive. The Department of Energy says that people save an average of 1% on their utility bill for every 8 hours they keep their home 1 degrees colder than they like in the winter. That may not seem like a lot, but if you do this for an extra 10 hours each week, that would cut your energy bill down by 25%!

Easy to Program

Normal thermostats can be programmed, but they are a pain to do so. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you just download the app and enter the temperatures and times you want through your phone or tablet. You can easily adjust this preset schedule whenever you want on the go through your phone. If you are too cold in bed but can’t bear the thought of getting up, you can just change the temp from your bed.

Additionally, your normal setback thermostat won’t adjust to changes out of your routine. If you have your AC set to turn down every night at 10 pm, it will do so, even if you’re out until midnight or just out of town altogether. A learning Wi-Fi thermostat can detect when you are home or away and adjust your schedule accordingly. Some thermostats even offer a “geofence” feature that tracks the location of your smartphone and will operate your settings based on when you enter or leave a geographic radius around your house. So if you’re on your way home from work and just a few miles away from home, it will turn on the heat to make sure it’s all set and ready for you when you step through your door, no matter if you get off work on time or an hour later after happy hour.

Stay Informed

Some Wi-Fi thermostats monitor the efficiency of your heating/cooling system and alert you if the efficiency drops. This can inform you about changes happening in your home, as efficiency can be altered by a dirty air filter, clogged evaporator or condenser coils, low refrigerant charge, or other problems. You’ll stay on top of what’s going on in your home and be alerted quicker than you would be if you had to rely on your human senses.

They’re Cool!

Besides their range of benefits, Wi-Fi thermostats are also just really cool. You can get units that display your digital photos, play your favorite music, change color to match your walls, display the outside temperature, and work with multiple sensors. If any of these features sound good to you, you should invest in a Wi-Fi thermostat!

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