tankless water heater

Why You Should Get a Tankless Water Heater

Are you in the market for a new water heater?

If you’re like most homeowners, you likely have the traditional type of water heater in your home. But have you thought about looking into a tankless water heater? If not, you might want to read on and see the benefits they can offer to you.

Lower Energy Costs

Tankless water heaters provide homes with the hot water they want anytime. Tankless options use powerful gas or electric-powered heating elements for raising the water’s temperature instantly. The difference between this and traditional water heaters is that they store 60-100 gallons at 120-140 degrees, 24 hours/day. When the water is stored in the tank will ensure it’s always available, but this is very wasteful.

When you heat water just when you want it, it runs for a lot less time. The tank also won’t have problems with the standby type of heat loss. This means that a lot of energy is conserved. This means that when you go tankless it can save you as much as 34%.

Continuous Hot Water Supply

Are you always having problems with not enough hot water? When you have the regular type of water heater, it’s not a surprise because you have to wait for a minimum of 10 minutes in between showers so that your tank has replenished. You also can’t take hot, lengthy showers if you have a small tank.

In comparison, tankless water heaters let you have a continuous hot water supply. You can have back-to-back showers because its technology isn’t affected by the tank’s size.

Longer Life Span

Traditional water heaters last anywhere from 8-12 years. They break down because they have to constantly heat and store water. If you have hard water, you may even find you have to replace it more quickly. If you don’t maintain your water heater, this can be rather expensive.

The majority of tankless heaters, in comparison, last over 20 years. This long life span, along with the amount of savings you will have each month, is a big benefit of tankless water heaters.

Saves Spaces

A traditional water heater will measure 24 inches wide and 60 inches in height, and sometimes even bigger. These take up a lot of space, which is a problem if you’re living in a small townhouse or condo.

Tankless options are very small. They only measure 28”x10”. This is around the size of carryon suitcases. This unit also mounts onto your wall, which means it’s not in your way. If you don’t have a lot of space, these types of water heaters are a great choice.

If you have a limited amount of space or you have a large family so that you are always running out of hot water, a tankless water heater might be for you. It can help you save money and space. Let the experts at Mason Plumbing help you decide if a tankless water heater would be the right choice for your home.