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Why Water Heater Maintenance Is Necessary

In Arizona, you never truly know the value of your water heater until it stops working at maximum efficiency or breaks down altogether.

Imagine not being able to shower, do the laundry or any of the other routine things we take for granted. To keep your water heater in good shape, maintenance is key.

Maintaining a water heater doesn’t necessarily mean it needs repairs. In fact, regular maintenance is designed so fewer repairs are needed. If you like to run an efficient household, making sure your water heater is maintained and flushed when needed should become a priority. Don’t wait until it breaks down when Mason Mechanical can provide excellence in maintenance services all year round.

Arizona Hard Water

Most home and business owners in Arizona understand the implications of hard water. When calcium and magnesium build up in your water heater, it can result in reduced efficiency and blockages. The purpose of maintenance is to flush your water heater at least once a year to prevent these minerals from causing problems. A water heater that isn’t put under stress will last longer, and you will get more for your dollar so far as energy use.

During routine flushing, a technician can also inspect your water heater for any issues, such as damage or rust. When a water heater has suffered significant damage, replacing the unit is often the most cost-effective option. The water heater cannot do its job if there are irreparable component parts that have become, effectively, dead weight. When these repair or replacement needs are flagged during maintenance, it can help you avoid any downtime where you don’t have access to hot water.

Water Heater Safety

The last thing you want is for you, a member of your family, or a guest getting scalded due to problems with your water heater. During maintenance, important safety devices such as the relief valve are tested. Although water heaters typically last between eight and fifteen years, routine maintenance from Mason Mechanical could result in your water heater lasting longer than expected.

Water Heater Efficiency

If you think you are saving money by cutting back on water heater maintenance, think again. If your water heater isn’t flushed at least once a year, the amount of mineral buildup will have a significant impact on efficiency. Two things will happen: The water heater will struggle to provide hot water, and hot spots will form where the minerals are concentrated. In the case of the latter, the result is damage to your water heater that will eventually lead to it breaking down.

Maintaining your water heater will prevent these scenarios from arising in the first place, leaving you with an efficient system that isn’t constantly failing from the strain. You will save money on your energy bills and get the most from your water heater.

Energy Savings

Energy saving is important when you live in a state such as Arizona, where having to run AC most of the year round is a given. When your water heater is flushed regularly, according to its needs, you will likely see savings on your energy bills. This is because an efficient system will heat water more quickly, and that means less stress on your utilities.

A damaged water heater is a drain on both your resources and pocket. Mason Mechanical will recommend an individualized maintenance plan to help ensure your water heater is optimized throughout the year and you always have access to the hot water you need.

Extended Lifespan

The lifespan of your water heater, as dictated by the manufacturer, is based on a scenario where the unit is regularly and professionally maintained. At Mason Mechanical, we always aim to prolong the lifespan of our customers’ water heaters as much as possible. That can only happen if maintenance is carried out to prevent mineral buildup and to catch any small issues before they become major problems.

Besides helping you put off the need to replace your water heater, maintenance is our way of ensuring you don’t get caught off guard when a water heater breaks down. In the vast majority of cases, water heater failure is the result of an ongoing issue that hasn’t been detected.

Maximum Water Supply

When there is a large amount of mineral sediment in a water heater tank, it doesn’t leave much space for hot water. Mason Plumbing can provide regular tune-ups to make sure your water heater’s tank volume is maximized. You won’t have unnecessarily long waits for the tank to refill, and everyone in the household will be much happier as a result.

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