Why Trane?

Trane products are dependable, reliable and energy efficient.

Air conditioning units come in a variety of options. Finding the right fit can be an overwhelming and daunting process. One benefit ordering from Mason Pro Services is the comforting knowledge that we use proven products with proven reputations. At Mason, we offer a variety of Trane products that could be the ideal fit for your home or business.

Why Purchase Trane?

Trane products are dependable, high quality, and could be your perfect product fit. The products promote efficiency while also offering a variety of products to choose from. Trane produces, tests, and manufactures all of their own parts. Being a family-owned business and promoting the working man is important to them.

Consider Efficiency

Trane products are known for their high efficiency. This means that the products are not wasting energy but using it most effectively. That they are outputting the most amount of energy with the least amount of energy used. The best way to review products for efficiency is to look at efficiency ratings online. Also, Trane products are efficient and quiet, meaning you won’t be hearing those loud air conditioning noises that could wake you up suddenly any time soon with a Trane product.

Tested and Guaranteed

Trane products are thoroughly tested to ensure that they perform to the highest peak possible. At the Systems Extreme Environmental Test lab in Tyler, Texas, products are tested and put through massive amounts of heat and freezing cold for weeks. Thus, purposely putting the products through five years of wear and tear and still showing how reliable and durable Trane products can be. The products are put through rigorous testing ensuring that whatever cannot make it through the lab will not make it onto the market. Check out the variety of Trane videos testing their products.

Saves Money

Although being a decent purchase now, a Trane product will be one that can save you money in the long run. With a dependable and strong product, as well as a high-quality installation job, their products can last for years to come. Maintenance jobs will be reduced and the number of breaks and repairs as well with this high-quality product. Also, the efficiency of the product decreases the energy consumption in your home. At Trane, there are over 680 engineers who are certified under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program, while over 40 specializing in environmental issues. We are focused on producing comfort to every business and home without negatively impacting the environment in the process.

Lasting Quality

A Trane product can last anywhere from 12-20 years, much better than the average 10 years other competitors offer for the life of their air conditioners. With over 1500 patents, Trane has advanced and perfected their HVAC products to be sure that they outperform everyone on the market. With high-quality parts that promote efficiency and lasting durability.

Hire a Dependable Contractor

It’s just as important to hire a dependable contractor in order to ensure that your product is installed correctly. Also hiring someone to do regular maintenance and being able to maintain the unit and its health. At Mason Pro Services we pride ourselves in knowing how to keep our products performing at maximum capacity. We have a team of careful installers who can also guide and answer your questions. We also provide other services and products that can perfect your home or business.