The Cost of an Air Conditioner

What goes into an Air Conditioner Cost?

Air conditioning costs can depend in the environment you live, the quality of product, and even the size.

An air conditioner can can cost quite a bit, whether it’s the initial purchase or it’s the maintenance and risk of parts breaking. Air conditioning has many fees and costs that you may be unaware of.

A big factor may be the area you would like to cool. If it’s just a window unit, this could be more for cooling one or two rooms at a time. However, if you want the whole building or home cooled air conditioning sizes and strength go up as well as price.


One of the most important elements that influence whether air conditioning will last or break down and have expensive repairs is the type of environment that it is in. This could be an environment that is hot and humid. This can cause the buildup of condensation while the hot summer sun beats down and can rust and deteriorate the coils and parts of the air conditioner. Or in highly freezing and cold environments it can be difficult for airflow and freeze and crack the coils in the machine. Also, the snow that may fall on the product could weigh down and reduce efficiency.


The size of your air conditioning can have a heavy effect on the cost. A larger air conditioning takes on more maintenance, more parts, and more service. These all add up to a more expensive product. The bigger the air conditioner the more you may need to invest.


Maintenance is very important to keep an air conditioner performing at its highest efficiency. Without proper care for the unit, things can become dirty and neglected and thereby cost you highly in annual breaks or even having to replace the whole unit. You should perform simple maintenance like clearing out dirt and cleaning coils, replacing filters, and checking for any parts that seem to be deteriorating. Especially in environments with high heat or low temperatures.

Replacement Costs

Replacements may be necessary for a unit that is breaking down and deteriorating. A damaged air conditioner will not perform well and can be heavy on your wallet due to reduced efficiency. A replacement air conditioner cost all depends on a couple of factors. Whether there is existing air ductwork. If there is existing air ductwork, it may be less money however this ductwork must also be working properly. The true pricing is figured out when an installer can visit your home and investigate the ductwork that is already there.

Quality of the Brand

The quality of the brand may heavily affect how much you pay for your AC in the long run. The brand may cost more immediately however, its level of energy efficiency, resistance to weather, and durability can save you money in the long run. A cheap and ill manufactured air conditioner may be cheap at the time but can have high maintenance and replacement costs. It’s better to invest in a sound air conditioner now rather than wait for something to wear down. One of the leading products on the market is a Trane air conditioner. This product is thoroughly tested to withstand high and incredibly low temperatures. As well as lasting for 12-20 years, reducing the number of times for replacement. Trane is also energy-efficient and can help you save on energy bills.