A split types HVAC systems outside of a building.

What Are the Different Types of HVAC Systems?

There are 4 different types of HVAC systems. Each one comes with their own strengths.

Typically, we only think about our HVAC system when we want to adjust it to get the temperature just right, but have you ever wondered about the different types of HVAC systems available? There are four types of heating and AC systems that are used for various reasons.

Heating and Cooling Split System

The heating and cooling split system is the most common type of HVAC system used in residential homes. As the name implies, the system is split into two units that either heat or cool. Most often, the cooling unit is located outside of the home. This is the big AC unit just outside your home that runs most of the summer. The unit uses a refrigerant, coils, and a compressor that cools the air that blows into your home. The heating unit is typically located in your home in the form of a furnace. The air from these units is transferred through the ducts to be delivered to the rooms of your home. The split system also allows for customization by including air purifiers, humidifiers, and UV lamps.

Hybrid System

The hybrid system is very similar to the split system in almost every way, with a few key differences. The hybrid system really shines with its ability to help with overall energy costs. As the name implies, the system uses two different sources for providing heat: gas and electricity. The user has full control of the system and can set when the system uses each source. Gas heating is typically quicker and more thorough, but electric heating has the benefit of being quieter while running as well as more energy efficiency. It ultimately depends on the owner’s preference and how they would like their home to be heated.

Ductless Mini-Split System

The ductless mini-split system has some of the higher up-front installation costs but has some unique benefits. This system is installed as an individual unit in each room and attached to an outdoor compressor. Due to there being a unique unit in each room, the temperature can be fully controlled for each space. This type of system is often used in hotel rooms so guests can set the temperature to a point that is comfortable. Along with adjusting the temperature of each room, you also gain more control of the energy you use. If there is a room that you may not use as often, you can adjust the set point or turn off the unit for that space while still keeping your more frequently used rooms comfortable.

Packaged Heating and Air System

The packaged unit is an HVAC system that puts all the parts you need into one unit. This system caters to those who may not have the space to install a large split unit outside their home. Though these units can be installed next to your home, they are often installed on the roof. Due to its size, it may not be as powerful as its larger counterparts but can still be effective when used in warmer climates or smaller homes.

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