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A Vacation for You and Your AC Unit

Holidays are all about relaxing and forgetting the day-to-day worries of modern life. You work hard all week for the money you earn, so you deserve a vacation away from your Arizona home. The only trouble is, you need to make sure your utilities keep functioning while you are away.

Your AC unit is one of the largest contributors to energy bills for Arizona homeowners. Unfortunately, you can’t simply switch off your air conditioning while you take a vacation. By making a few simple adjustments to your thermostat, you can set off with the peace of mind knowing that your energy costs aren’t going to go through the roof.

Upper Limit

If you have pets at home and aren’t planning on taking them with you, you will need to make sure that your home stays cool. Consider the health of your pets and set your thermostat accordingly. Animals need to keep their body temperature regulated, just like humans. 80 degrees is the approximate upper limit for pets that need to keep cool to avoid becoming ill. It is also important to ensure that you keep your shades closed in sun-facing windows. Anything you can do to stop your pets from becoming overheated.

For pet-free homes, it’s fine to increase the upper temperature limit on your AC unit as long as you do not switch it off altogether. If your AC unit has ever broken down during the summer, you know how quickly your home can turn into a sauna. Supporting structures, furniture, and appliances are at risk of damage when the air in your home is not able to cool. Drywall cracks, wallpaper peals, wood expands and refrigerators will have to work harder, which can cause the compressor to burn out. In fact, there are few items that are likely to escape some level of damage from super-heated air.

By setting your thermostat to at least 85 degrees, you can offset the risk of damage. The only exception to this is for homes in especially humid areas, where it is better to reduce the temperature a few degrees just to err on the side of caution. This allows your AC unit to maintain relative humidity levels in your home, creating a Goldilocks effect, where the humidity is not too high and not too low.

Winter Settings

Sometimes a winter holiday is good for both body and mind. You are still going to have to keep your thermostat in mind, as the Arizona sun is often unforgiving all year round. There isn’t much difference in thinking when it comes to maintaining a healthy temperature in your home. It’s basically a matter of adjusting your numbers to reflect the time of year. Pet owners should set the temperature at around 65 degrees to keep their four-legged friends comfortable. If animal welfare is not a concern, then you are safe to drop the temperature to as low as 50 degrees to keep your pipes in good working order.

A Helping Hand

Setting the temperature before you leave and upon your return is all good and well, but you are guaranteed to arrive back to a less-than-comfortable home. If you asked someone to check in on your home, you can always suggest adjusting the thermostat shortly before you are due back from your vacation. It will save you the trouble of having to wait for the temperature to return to a more tolerable level.

Alternatively, you can use technology to make the process of controlling your AC unit much easier. Smart thermostats are ideal for adjusting the temperature in your home when you are at work or on vacation. Depending on how advanced your system is, you can preset temperature by date, control your air conditioning according to zones, or make changes remotely from anywhere in the world. The more expensive models of smart thermostat will link to your Wi-Fi and allow you to access your air conditioning via an app on your phone or an online account.

Unless you are happy to splash out on a more expensive model, weigh up the features and benefits for your specific needs. There is no point paying for a top-of-the-line gadget if you aren’t likely to use it as an effective cost-saving measure. It is also important to ensure that the device will easily incorporate with your specific AC unit.

If you think that your AC unit could use a service before you go on vacation, don’t take the risk of it breaking down while you are not at home. Mason Mechanical can come to your Arizona home and carry out any needed repairs so you can enjoy your time away.

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