Maintenance to help an HVAC system last

4 Tips to Help your HVAC System Last

An HVAC in Arizona is essential for everyday life. Ensure that your HVAC system will last as long as possible with these tips.

4 Tips to Help your HVAC System Last

In Arizona, a functioning HVAC system is essential to living comfortably. Running day and night throughout the year will eventually lead to the end of an HVAC system’s lifespan. While it is inevitable that a system will ultimately need to be replaced, there several things that you can do to maintain and help your HVAC system last longer.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

While HVAC systems are typically out of sight and out of mind, scheduling routine maintenance can help extend a system’s lifespan. Having a professional come and inspect the unit and provide any necessary tune-ups will help keep the system in top condition and reduce the amount of stress resulting from a neglected unit. Regular maintenance can make all the difference in making an HVAC system last longer and performing at its peak efficiency.

Change Your Filters

Air filters are a vital component to ensure that an HVAC system will last a long time. In order to maintain the health of your system, it is good to get into the habit of changing your filters out every month, or sooner if you notice that they are getting dirty. A dirty or restrictive air filter will make it more difficult for air to efficiently flow through the system, putting a strain on an HVAC system. This strain can eventually lead to a system freezing up and eventually no longer working.

Open All of the Vents

It may seem like closing vents in rooms that aren’t used as often would ease some of the burdens that a system would have keeping a home cool, but it’s actually the opposite that happens. Closing off certain vents around the home will cause the HVAC system to have to work harder in order to cool the entire house. HVAC systems are sized using a specific calculation to ensure it is the right size for your home. By closing off some vents, it is preventing a system from working as it should.

Manage the Temperature

Thermostat set points can be a controversial topic in a home. Whether you decide the temperature setpoint based on savings or comfort, there are few things to remember when determining the temperature of your space.

A programmable thermostat can save you time and money and keep your home comfortable.  Avoid large temperature swings, remember most systems will cool 2-3 degrees an hour. Turning your thermostat down to 70 degrees will not cool the home faster than setting the control to 75 degrees.

A Wi-Fi thermostat can allow you to use your phone to adjust the temperature and schedule from anywhere.  These state-of-the-art thermostats can also send complete diagnostics to a designated HVAC company of your choice to help monitor and prevent any potential problems with your system.

Go with the Pros

Routine maintenance is essential to ensure that an HVAC system will last as long as possible. At Mason Pro Services, our team of highly trained technicians is at the ready to provide tune-ups that will make an HVAC system last. Whether or you’re being preemptive or need a fix to your system, our technicians can get your system performing at its peak. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment and keep your HVAC system ready for when you need it the most.