Tips for reducing heating and cooling bills

Tips for Reducing Heating & Cooling Bills

With your Gilbert air conditioning system running nearly non-stop to keep your family cool from the triple digit temperatures outside, you have probably noticed a rise in the cost of your monthly utilities.

Below is a list of tips that are great for reducing your energy use, and therefore reducing your energy expenses. By implementing these simple tasks, you will see a reduction in your utilities in no time!

Routine Tune-Ups

Having a routine tune-up performed on your AC system is essential in making sure that your system will run efficiently, and is a great way to prevent the need for repair services during the cooling season. Our technicians provide comprehensive checkups, inspecting all aspects of your unit, cleaning it, and offering suggestions for problem areas they may have discovered.

Maintaining Your Unit

Maintenance not only falls on the HVAC professionals, but on you as well. You can maintain your unit by checking your air filters each month and changing them as needed. Replacing them at least every three months is a good rule of thumb to follow. Things such as grass, dirt, leaves, and even overgrown shrubbery can clog your system. Clear away any debris near your outdoor unit on a regular basis, and always make sure that you mow away from your unit when cutting the grass.

Invest in an Adjustable Thermostat

You may have heard about adjustable thermostats which allow you to program settings for different times throughout the day. Turning up the thermostat even one or two degrees while you are away at work for the day can save you significantly. Your heating and air conditioning company has a variety of high quality and innovative thermostats to choose from. You may also choose to adjust your non-programmable thermostat manually before heading out for the day. Keeping the curtains closed and using fans are also good tips, but make sure you never leave fans unattended.

Weather-Proof Your Space

Weather-proofing your home is another affordable way to preserve energy and cut back on utility expenses. Cracks around window and door frames allow cool air to escape, forcing your system to continually work harder. Applying caulking and weather-stripping are good ways to seal these air leaks. Insulation in your ceiling or attic and faulty ductwork are other places where air may be escaping. Addressing these issues can result in reduced energy expenses.

As your local Trane Comfort Specialist, Mason Pro Services offers maintenance services, duct sealing, and a variety of adjustable thermostats for commercial and residential customers across Maricopa County. Contact us today or send us an email inquiry to learn more!