toilet maintenance

The Importance of Toilet Maintenance

Toilet maintenance is essential to preventing issues and problems that can take a heavy toll on your wallet.

Toilets can be a messy and frustrating product. Toilet maintenance can also be costly to repair and even more expensive to replace. This is why it is crucial for you to maintain and take care of your toilet, practicing regular toilet maintenance in order to avoid future costs and headaches. Toilets are important to any home, and its just as important to maintain them and keep them in decent condition.

Avoid Putting Things that Don’t belong

Whether it’s an accidental drop or a purposeful flush, items that don’t below in the toilet at times end up there. Children may be prone to sticking things down and playing the fun game of will it flush or not. Teaching your children about proper toilet care early never hurts, we know accidents happen but teaching them during potty training and starting young is optimal to avoid these accidents.

Do inspections

To maintain the quality of your toilet, it is important to run inspections. This includes the deeper workings of the toilet. Take the lid off and observe that the functions, valves, and other items are working appropriately. Check for visible damage and take note of things you observe. Start with an assembly inspection to ensure that the toilet is of good quality. Followed by a visual inspection of the toilet components to check for things like leaking or overflowing.

Consider the Products You Use

Believe it or not, the type of toilet paper you use can affect the product life of your toilet. Using thick, comfy toilet paper may feel nice, however, it can block sewage and make your toilet work harder than it should or can. Also using too much toilet paper can clog your toilet and increase the number of flushes, thus decreasing product life. Also, other “flushable” products could be causing issues, like those baby wipes or “flushable” wipes that you use, could be causing blockage in pipes and your toilet to overflow.

Maintain a Clean Toilet

Cleaning your toilet is essential to maintaining a toilet that performs to its highest standard. Toilets can build up in grease, rust, and bacteria daily. Bacteria build-up and repeated use can result in an unhealthy bathroom environment. While flushing the toilet inevitably spread droplets of toilet water, therefore cleaning is vital to keeping you and those in your home healthy. Also, irregular cleanings can result in you not finding a problem in time due to filth and grime covering issues. Run through the following steps weekly.

  • Use a multi-surface cleaner
  • Allow to cleaner to sit and soak, lifting dirt and grime
  • Scrub inside of bowl thoroughly
  • Wipe down rim, outside, and valve flusher
  • Disinfect the toilet cleaner

Take care of Issues Quickly

If your toilet is having noticeable issues, it is imperative that you take care of it quickly. Especially leaky vales or signs of leaking can result in floods and much more damage to your home. If your toilet is running constantly look at the float ball it may be waterlogged and can shut off the valve. The best thing is to consult and possibly hire a professional in order to avoid more damage and correctly fix the toilet the first time. At Mason Pro Services we have experienced plumbers to offer you the best toilet repair possible and will discuss options for replacement if needed.