heat pump

Stay Comfortable All Year Long with A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are perfect for keeping your home at the right temperature to achieve ultimate comfort all year long while saving on electric bills.

Heat pumps are the perfect way to ensure energy efficiency during every season. Heat pumps are wonderful for milder climates and can be incredibly versatile. Working as an air conditioner in a warm month, removing heat from your home. During the colder season, the heat pump extracts heat from the air ad pump it into the home. This can be the ideal choice for southern states.

Energy Efficiency

Working to keep our home at the perfect temperature heat pumps also work to use the least amount of energy possible. Working as an all in one heating and cooling system and ranking at 23.50 SEER and 10.20 HSP saving hundreds in utility costs. Depending upon the climate and the system you choose, you can maintain energy efficiency and save on utility costs. Some Lennox heat pumps allow you to switch between electricity and gas-based upon what is the most efficient for your home and environment.

Quiet and Peaceful

One of the worst feelings is being in a deep and peaceful sleep and being awakened by the furnace kicking on with ferocious growls and groans. The heat pump is efficient as well as comfortable and quiet. Lennox products offer a SilentComfort™ technology that produces a very low level of sound.

Warmer Climates

In warmer climates where not a lot of heat is required, a heat pump is paired with an air handler. The heat pump works like an air conditioner during those scorching months. Staying durable and lasting for up to 10-12 years, and even a life span of 15-20 years. The product cools or heats the air and the air handler then circulates it throughout the home.

Colder Climates

In colder climates, the heat pump partner is replaced by a gas furnace. The heat pump heats the air using the furnace as a blower to circulate warmed air. This creates what is called a dual fuel system which reduced gas fuel consumption. For those days where it gets unbearably cold, it will shut off the and the furnace will take over and do all the heating. This will reduce utility costs and allows your home to remain energy efficient.

Invest in A Heat Pump Today

The positives of this product include energy efficiency, yearlong comfort, and saving on utility costs. Mason has a variety of heat pumps from Trane, both quality tested and reliable brands with great reputations, to choose from. Depending upon your climate and what you`re looking for, a heat pump is sure to increase your home’s energy efficiency saving you money and time. As well as ensuring that your home remains a space that is comfortable.