An air conditioner installation being done

Spring HVAC Maintenance & Preventative Service

Unlike the remainder of the country, spring in Arizona can start in February. We typically experience wonderful outdoor temperatures and some rain.

By March, the temperature generally stays in the 50 degree to low 80 degree range, and we get 5 or so days of measurable rain. This is the season to get your yard, house, and HVAC system ready for the next season – summer!

Before summer arrives, homeowners should have their HVAC systems evaluated and tuned-up by a professional. The typical homeowner is not depending on their heating and cooling system much, if at all, at this time and while you aren’t depending on your system, you should allow an expert to make any necessary adjustments or repairs. Nobody wants to be left without air conditioning once summer arrives, and attention now can prevent that from happening.

In March, when we receive rain it can be significant and unexpected, and it will stir everything up. Humidity levels will spike and your system may be clogged with debris from the storm. A maintenance visit will address these issues. There is also a chance that we may still have a few cold nights in which you’ll need to turn on the heat. For heater service, customers rely on the team at Mason Pro Services.

If you haven’t done so already, you should evaluate your home’s envelope – the outer material and seal of the structure. If your home is not properly insulated, you will pay much more than is necessary on your utility bills when the weather warms up.

Spring brings unpredictable weather – rainstorms and cool days, and warm days where is it uncomfortable to be outdoors. Take advantage of the cooler days and insulate and seal your walls, attic, windows, and doors.

The yard will need to be addressed for the spring season as well. Many plants will be in bloom this time of year in Arizona, so fruit trees and flowering plants need to be trimmed to ensure blooms and fruit next year. If you are able, plant shade trees strategically in your yard to provide shade for the house in the summer. They will thrive during this season in order to best become established for the hot months.