benefits of water softeners

Benefits Water Softeners Can Have on Your Home

Are you wondering whether to invest in water softeners? Check out the benefits of water softeners and purchase your water softener filtration system today!

It’s important for a homeowner to consider whether a water softener filtration system is a worthwhile investment. A water softener can drastically improve water quality and provide a worthy return on investment. The benefits of water softeners include saving money, reducing rewashes, preserving water-based appliances, and improving hair and skin health.

What Are Water Softeners?

Water Softeners are filtration systems that remove calcium and magnesium products from your water source, involving an ion exchange process. The system is made up of the mineral tanks, to soften hard water, the control valve, tracking the volume of water, and the brine tank, for the process of regeneration. A water softener attacks one of the biggest issues facing water systems: hard water. Hard water can cause build-ups that clog pipes and leave solid deposits in water heaters, causing damage. The damage to water appliances can be severe, and significantly reduce the usability of these products, leading to you having to replace them more often.

Debunking Myths

There is a lot of misinformation about water softeners that can circulate the web. Firstly, water softener does not add salt to your water source, but sodium. This amount of sodium is not unhealthy and shouldn’t cause any health issues. Water softeners are also thought to strip the healthy minerals away from your water source since it removes certain minerals and metals. However, these minerals are inorganic meaning that they don’t provide nutrients that can truly be absorbed by the body.

Another myth is that water softener can leave a residue. This is actually essential oils that are released by the body and demonstrate that your body is free of real residue, like soap scum. You can get that lather in the shower without the thick residue being left behind. Water softeners also don’t have to be expensive. Finding different companies and products that are right for you is key. Water softeners can save you money and energy in the long run, making it a worthwhile investment.

Water Softener Benefits

Water softeners reduce the chances of rewashes and clean better the first time. Water softeners produce cleaner silverware, mirrors, glassware, and other products. Installing a water softener saves money on soap hair products due to reduced use because of increased lather from softened water. Water softeners increase product life and maintain water appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, and coffee machines. Overall, you also save money on damage to appliances and reduced use of certain products. Water softeners save energy and time, allowing you to spend time on things more important than cleaning up after hard water.

The quality of washes on laundry is also improved, with clothing color and quality lasting longer. Water softeners also improve the softness of skin and hair, reducing the residue left behind by hard water and soap scum. Water heaters also benefit from using water softener since hard water causes you to run the heater at high temperatures increasing costs for your home. Mason Pro Services plumbers can help with a variety of services like water heater replacement.

Improve Your Home Today

Mason Pro Services offers a variety of water filtration systems and water softeners systems to choose from. Faucets and fixtures that have limescale buildup can lead to issues with water pressure and damage pipes. It is essential to maintain your home’s appliances and consider getting water softeners. Water softeners reduce contaminants and remove those minerals that cause buildup. Improve your home today and look into our water softener and water filtration options.