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While you may think of us as simply being heating and air conditioning repairmen, our job spans much larger.

Ceiling Saver Kit

SS1 Safe T SwitchProtect Your Home From Water Damage

While you may think of us as simply being heating and air conditioning repairmen, our job spans much larger. If your air conditioning system is located in your attic or on your roof, water damage may be a valid concern. This is because in addition to cooling your home, it is also responsible for dehumidifying the air. Have you ever thought about where the excess moisture goes when it is drained from the system? Overflow can easily damage to your ceiling resulting in the need for costly repairs. In order to prevent this headache, we offer a convenient ceiling saver kit.

So how does it work? Our kits come with a special drain pan to catch the excess water, directing it to a drain where it can be properly removed from your home. If the leak is severe and the drain pan becomes clogged, a safety switch will shut off your air conditioning system alerting you that there is a problem and potential leak. At this point you can simply contact us and we will diagnose the problem to get your system back up and running without incurring a single ounce of water damage.

Condensate Pump Installation

Make Wastewater Transfer Simple With a Condensate Pump

Furnaces, air conditioners, and humidifiers create excess condensation and wastewater. Rather than having a tangle of pipes and hoses to remove it, consider having a condensate pump installed. A condensate drain can properly transfer this excess moisture to the proper drain.

Compressor Saver (Hard Start Kit)

Supplement Your Compressor With a Hard Start Kit

When your air conditioner turns on, it begins to pump refrigerant through the system to create cool air, which is then delivered to your home. The location of your indoor air conditioning coil is essential in determining your unit’s ability to function efficiently. The farther the coil is from the unit, the harder it will have to work to begin pumping. If your coil is significantly far away from your outside condensing unit, it may need additional help getting started. The installation of one of our hard start kits can help.

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