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Should I Schedule an Air Conditioning Replacement Now?

It's easy to enjoy the milder temperatures of the Arizona winter and delay thoughts of possible issues with your air conditioner until the temperatures begin to climb.

However, if you were entertaining thoughts of replacing your air conditioner during the warmer days last fall, it may be time to consider your replacement now. Waiting until late spring or summer could be a mistake. If your air conditioner is showing signs of deterioration, March may be the perfect time to replace your unit.

Signs it’s Time for a New Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is still working, but seems to be faltering, it’s time to determine whether it’s time for replacement. Some issues can certainly be resolved through repair, while it may be a waste of time and money to fix other issues if the unit is nearing the end of its lifespan. Here are some signs it may be more efficient to replace your air conditioning system versus repair:

  • Age: Is your air conditioner several years old or older? New improvements in efficiency can make it a worthwhile investment to replace older air conditioners if they are beginning to need frequent repairs. You may gain more energy efficiency, saving you money off your energy bills by replacing it altogether. Often a newer, more efficient model can pay for itself in less energy use in just a few years. If your air conditioner is 10-15 years old, it’s most likely nearing the age where it should be replaced.
  • Constant repairs: If you have been needing a repair one or more times a year, beyond normal maintenance, it may be prudent to seek replacement. It’s inconvenient to need continuous repairs and may be a waste to put more money into a system that will soon need replacement. This is especially true when facing larger repair bills. It’s better to invest your money into a new system than continue to repair an older unit that’s on its last leg and may need to replaced soon; even with another repair.
  • Higher energy bills: When you notice an increase in your energy bills during the hottest months from years before, your air conditioning system may no longer be performing efficiently. Regular service can help, but if that’s not enough and your system is older, it may be best to replace your older unit.
  • Efficiency ratings: Not sure whether your A/C unit is efficient or not? Look at the SEER rating of your current unit. If it’s 13 or lower, it’s lower than most air conditioners now available. You can save money monthly while running a greener household, making it a wise and eco-friendly investment.
  • Less comfort in your home: If it seems it’s more difficult to keep your home cool and comfortable, your A/C system may no longer be performing correctly. Before the hotter weather arrives this summer, it is best to have your system replacement with a unit that can offer efficient, comfortable cooling for your entire home.

Early Spring is the Best Time for Air Conditioning Replacement

In Arizona, the weather can heat up fast in the spring. The temperatures can quickly go from mild to uncomfortable in as little as a week or two. Now is the time to have your air conditioning work completed; before the rush is on for spring tune-ups and replacements. March is one of the last months before the HVAC industry begins to ramp up for the busiest time of year. Scheduling now ensures you can get seen quicker, with more available options and good prices. Most importantly, this can all be done before everyone else in Arizona is calling to have their system repaired, maintained, or replaced.

Now is a good time to replace an older or failing air conditioner system or add another unit to your home or building. Whether you need a complete home system or are considering adding a separate system to a garage or shop on your property, now is a good time to schedule your consultation. The team at Mason Mechanical Heating and Cooling can help with installations of any type of system, including replacing older systems or adding smaller units like ductless mini splits.

Call Arizona’s Premier Air Conditioning Service Company

Mason Mechanical Heating and Cooling has been serving our neighbors in the greater Mesa, AZ area and throughout Arizona since 1993 for all their air conditioning and heating needs. We offer quality, reliable service for your heating and cooling requirements, year-round. If you are considering replacing your older air conditioning unit or need a new system for other reasons, now is an excellent time to schedule a consultation. Call our friendly team today for an evaluation and quote on a new A/C system before the busiest time of year for air conditioning descends on us in Arizona.