A man doing preventative maintenance on an AC unit

Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance

With spring just around the corner, it won’t be long before your air conditioning units are put into overdrive.

While you may not currently be using your air conditioning units due to mild winter temperatures, now is an ideal time to call Mason Pro Services and schedule preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system.

Making sure you have your preventative maintenance complete is a great way to prevent problems in the future, when the proper functionality of your system is a necessity. Having problems with your unit in the middle of summer is not only inconvenient, but AC repair can be costly. Before you have a problem, take the opportunity to get a tune up on your heating and cooling unit.

When one of our certified technicians arrives at your home or place of business, your unit will be properly inspected and tested for any operational issues to ensure your air conditioning system will function optimally throughout the upcoming season. We’ll clean outdoor units  to clear away dirt and debris on the components and inspected for any damage. Our technician will also check your electrical unit to make sure that it is running properly.

In addition, the technician will evaluate the AC unit’s performance while it is operating, based on the manufacturer’s specifications. The technician will check for abnormal noises, proper vent functionality, pressure and temperature levels, and airflow. Our technician then makes any necessary recommendations to ensure that your system functions optimally. Call Mason Pro Services today to make an appointment and be prepared to enjoy the warm temperatures!