Mason Electrical Services

Mason Pro Services offers fair, up front pricing on all our products and services. Our highly trained technicians can solve any electrical issue you may be facing.

Mason Pro Services offers electrical service for both residential and commercial customers.

Looking to refresh and upgrade your home?  We can replace outlets and switches to instantly modernize your home.  We also install LED lighting, which is more economic and efficient for your home.  Protect your home from lightning and power surges by calling Mason Pro Services to help with surge suppression and protection.  We can also resolve problems with circuits shutting off.  

Electrical Services:

  • Whole Home Surge Protectors
  • Replace and Upgrade Service Panels/Breaker Box
  • Sub Panels
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Circuit Additions (New Electrical Run)
  • Install Ceiling Fans
  • Doorbell Repair
  • Pool Equipment (Electrical- No Pumps)
  • Outlet Upgrades
  • Outdoor Residential Security

Residential Service Call  $89.00


  • Basic troubleshooting of the issue
  • Inspection of the electrical service panel

Commercial Service Call  $95.00


  • Basic troubleshooting of the issue

Need additional electrical capacity?

Mason Pro Services can provide panel upgrades and service change.

Home safety is extremely important!  Is your home GFI protected?  Are the connections in your panel tight?  Are your outlets or switches worn out?  Call Mason Pro Services for a safety inspection where a trained electrician can inspect and evaluate your panel, circuit breakers, outlets, and switches to verify they are correct and safe.


We also offer basic repair and maintenance for electrical equipment including A/C, stove/range, dryers, and hot water tanks.  In addition, we can install electric vehicle charging stations.

Call Mason Pro Services to assist with all your worn-out electrical needs.  Manufacturers recommend replacing smoke detectors every 10 years and outlets/switches every 20-30 years.