Clean Air

How to Keep Your Air Clean

Purify Your Air

It has been a hot Summer here in Arizona! When it comes to air quality, the majority of us are worried about keeping our homes cool. However, given the current circumstances of COVID-19, the importance of living in a cleaner environment has become top of mind for homeowners and business owners. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, meaning the more intentional you are about keeping your air clean, the more likely you will keep yourself, your family, and customers safe. Our team is available to help you sanitize your air, but there are several options to help you get started!


A vacuum cleaner isn’t going to suck any viruses out of the air, but having dirt and dust accumulating in your home can be contributing to your allergies. If your vacuum cleaner is outdated, then you are likely just pushing dirt and dust around your home, rather than picking it up. We recommend looking into a HEPA vacuum cleaner. It stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air.”  What that means, is it filters small particles of air through a mesh filter, trapping 99.97% of allergens and dust particles.

House Plants

Obviously house plants aren’t going to make airborne germs disappear but can play a major part in attaining cleaner air. Plants release healthy oxygen and are capable of absorbing harmful toxins in the air. Still skeptical? NASA conducted a Clean Air Study, where they studied and tested which plants are most effective in cleaning the air. You might want to go find yourself an Aloe Vera plant or Bamboo Palms!

Air Filter

Filter the air to protect your family. Chances are that your home’s heating and cooling system uses a basic air filter, which was recommended for your system type. While these filters are good for catching certain particles and preventing them from clogging the equipment itself, they do little in the way of protecting your family from harmful airborne irritants. These filters capture the particles and prevent them from being circulated into the ventilation system of your home when your air conditioning is in use. We have a number of filter options, including washable and reusable ones, and even those which are used to sanitize the air in hospital operating rooms.

Circulating Air/Air Purifier

Keeping your home clean, and filling it with house plants is a great start. They can go a long way in solving respiratory issues. However, the only way to accurately filter our airborne microorganisms is by using a whole-home air quality system. Have you heard about Air Scrubbers? They consistently filter out air to ensure you are circulating clean air around your home at all times. To be clear, Air Scrubbers will not cure the Coronavirus. But as we spend so much more time in our homes and around our family, you can help to prevent each other from spreading other illnesses.  Call to ask our team about how we can help to keep your air clean! It is what we do best. For reading this blog, you got a first-hand look at our Air Scrubber Special!