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Is Your Water Heater Tripping Its Reset Button?

Are you having problems with your water heater tripping the reset button?

Most homeowners assume that the problem is simply due to the tank overheating. However, that alone is cause for concern, and it is important to identify and resolve the exact cause of the problem. You will likely need to employ the services of a qualified cooling specialist due to the potential dangers of trying to carry out DIY repairs.

The recommended setting for a thermostat is typically 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The object of setting the system to this specific temperature is to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. The tank is hot enough to keep the system sterile while not exceeding temperatures which would represent a safety hazard.

Problems that cause a water heater to overheat can be traced to a number of common issues. If the water in the tank becomes too hot, the emergency cut off (ECO) is triggered and the system is shut down for your family’s safety. This issue should not happen repeatedly; if it does, it’s time to bring in the experts to fix a problem.

A damaged or defective component will not suddenly start working without repair or replacement. A cooling specialist can trace the problem to the source and prevent a potential injury occurring due to dangerously hot water in the water heater tank.

Identifying the Cause

One or both of your thermostats may be damaged, which means the heating elements are not being controlled. A working thermostat should monitor the temperature of the water and switch the heating element off when it reaches the correct temperature. Without a working thermostat, there is nothing to tell the element to stop heating the water, which results in the component continuing to run until the reset button is tripped. It is difficult for a layperson to identify certain problems with a thermostat. If you want to get to the root of the problem quickly, it makes sense to hire someone who knows how to identify and resolve water heater problems.

Sometimes a bad element will ignore the instructions of the thermostat due to an electrical short. When the thermostat attempts to switch the element off, it keeps receiving power and so continues to heat the water in the tank. This is not a situation that you should allow to persist without repair. The water will keep overheating and you will experience repeated occurrences of the reset button tripping. A damaged element is also a safety hazard, depending on the cause and how hot the temperature reaches in the water heater.

Hot water is not always the cause of an ECO tripping. The component itself may be faulty, which means it will randomly trip regardless of the temperature of the tank. This can occur due to other faults causing the ECO to trip repeatedly, or simply because the ECO component has suffered from normal wear and tear. These components will not last if they are put under strain due to repeated tripping. There is also the risk of injury as a failed ECO means there is nothing to shut off the water heater when other faults cause the tank to overheat.

Bad wiring is one of the most dangerous causes of an ECO tripping as it has the potential to cause electrocution or start a fire. When it has been established that all other components are working correctly, a cooling specialist will look for loose or damaged wiring as the cause of the issue. Do not risk injury when you suspect that bad wiring is causing your ECO to trip; hiring a professional will keep you, your family and your home safe.

Hire a Cooling Specialist

Many homeowners prefer to attempt fixing problems with water heating systems without any prior experience. You should not take the risk of incurring injury with a system that you don’t fully understand. There is also the possibility that you could make the problem worse, which will result in the need for otherwise unnecessary repairs. A water heater may look simple, but there are a number of components that need to work together effectively in order to maintain the system.

A professional and experienced cooling specialist is equipped to service and carry out repairs to water heater systems and components. If there is a problem, the expert will identify the source and check all other components to ensure they are working the way they should for maximum performance. A cooling specialist can also provide advice on whether you need to replace your water heater.

If your ECO is constantly tripping, you can call Mason Mechanical for help. Our expert team is on hand to get to the root of the problem and get your water heater working efficiently. Call today for an over the phone consultation so we can assess your needs.