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Is It Time to Replace My AC?

When should you replace your air conditioner? Many of our customers ask us this question, and the answer is dependent upon many factors.

Here in Arizona our air conditioners are heavily relied on for more than half the year to manage comfortable temperatures in our homes, so take advantage of the mild temperatures now if you’re in need of air conditioner installation. The following factors determine if it’s time to replace or upgrade your cooling system:

The System’s Age

If your air conditioner is between 10-15 years old, it is possible that it’s reached its maximum lifespan. Regular, professional maintenance can prolong a system’s lifespan, but the general age range is something that homeowners should be aware of.

The System’s Energy Efficiency

If your system isn’t very energy efficient, you may be spending enough each month on cooling your home to quickly equate to the cost of a new system. New systems are very energy efficient and can drastically lower your monthly bills.

The System’s Ability to Cool

If your system never quite seems to be able to cool your home, it’s possible it isn’t the correct size or capacity to properly cool the square footage of your home. An assessment by your local HVAC company can reveal if the system is able or not to ensure comfortable indoor temps.

Abnormal or Strange Noises/Odors

Anything out of the ordinary with the system can point to a problem, and may be signs of a larger issue. An air conditioning technician can find the root of the problem and determine if the system has been compromised all together.

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