HCAV filter

HVAC Filter: Why it gets so dirty and how to fix it

A healthy HVAC system relies on a clean filter.

If it seems like you’re always replacing your HVAC filter or cleaning it, there are one of three reasons why this might be. Below we’re going to look at the main reasons why you might be replacing your filter more often because it’s dirty.

Reason 1 – Your Thermostat’s Fan is Always On

There are two options that you have when it comes to your thermostat – ON and AUTO. When its set to the ON all the time, it will be running 24/7. When your home’s heat or air is circulating through the filter and system all the time, it will pick up air contaminants and dirt a lot faster.

How to Remedy It – Choose the right setting for your priorities and situation.

If there are asthma and allergy sufferers in the house and you’re using HEPA filters, put your thermostat to ON when home. This will improve the air quality and remove more contaminants from the air. If you’re not as worried about air quality, set it to AUTO. This will use a lot less energy, prevent humidity indoors and the filter will get dirty less quickly.

Reason 2 – You Have Many Pets or Guests

When you have more people coming into the house, it will increase the amount of contaminants and dirt comes into the home. It’s the same for when you have furry pets, since they introduce pet dander, hair and dirt. Anytime there is someone or something coming in and out of the house, it’s introducing more contaminants into the air. A dog that goes outside through a doggy door multiple times a day will naturally bring in more dirt and pollen from outside. When you have a lot of contaminants floating in the air, your filter’s going to get dirty faster.

How to Remedy It – Think about getting a system that filtrates the air for the whole house.

These filtration systems are advanced, and they pick up contaminants that pets and guests leave behind. They also have long service lives.

Reason 3 – Your Air Ducts Are Leaky

When you have leaky ducts, they will introduce dirt and dust from places like the attic. When there’s a lot of dirt that your leaky ducts are bringing in, you’re going to have more dirt going onto your filter.

How to Remedy It – Have a professional ductwork inspection

A professional can replace or repair the duct system to make sure your ducts aren’t leaking anymore. This will help keep your bills lower and prevent the filter from getting dirty faster.

Another reason to have your ductwork checked is that you can lose 20% or more of your home’s heating and cooling if your ducts are leaking.

If you have noticed that you are replacing your HVAC filter more often than usual, it’s likely due to one of these reasons. Check your thermostat setting and think about who you have coming in and out of your house. If it’s neither of those two things, you might just have a leak and it’s time to have your ductwork inspected. Contact Mason Mechanical to get your ducts inspected and sealed so you can get back to having a dust-free home.