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How to Perform Air Conditioning Maintenance Yourself

Practicing regular maintenance on your air conditioner is vital to keeping a cool and happy home, but when life gets too busy, let Mason handle it.

Regular air conditioning maintenance is essential to making sure that you are getting your money’s worth. It is important to saving money and making sure that your air conditioning is running at its best capacity. Especially during hotter summer months, it can take a strong toll on air conditioning performance. Air conditioning may be running longer, experiencing overheating, and running the risk of breaking. At Mason, we are happy to perform in-depth maintenance to ensure that you have working AC units all the time. However, there are simple tips we can give you to make sure you can maintain AC.

Be Sure to Turn Off

The first, most important step before you perform air conditioning maintenance is to make sure you shut off the power. it’s important to ensure that you are working safely and efficiently especially around electricity. If you keep the power on it can result in a bunch of moving parts possibly hurting or electrocuting, you.

Clean It

Keeping your air conditioning unit clean is an easy at-home job to ensure your air conditioner is performing at full capacity. It’s important to regularly remove debris, especially from the fan cage. Using a wet or dry vacuum and cleaning dust, leaves and other debris keeps the air conditioning running at full capacity. Be sure to clean the different parts of the unit and around it.

  • Fan cage- be sure to vacuum and clean the fan cage with a vacuum.
  • Remove outer covers and clean the fin with a vacuum or fin spray
  • Clean around the unit- ensure airflow by cleaning debris around the unit
  • Evaporator coil- use a soft brush to clean the coil with no-rinse coil cleaner
  • Clean the Evaporator Drain- use a wet/dry vacuum, remove the paper filter and hold to drain line

Outside Improvements

You can check your unit and look at the fins and ensure that they are not bent which can inhibit and affect airflow. You can use a butter knife to carefully straighten the fin, be very careful not to damage anything. If your air conditioning unit is outside be sure to check that it is level. The pad can slip down at one side over time. This sloped pad can decrease the unit’s efficiency, sue a leveler measure to ensure it is sitting correctly.

Hot Weather Checklist

Finally, in hotter weather, there are special maintenance lists you can run through to check that your unit is in proper and working order. The checklist is easy to run through to ensure you are regularly checking your unit and assessing any damage you see that you may need professional help with.

  • Check the C vents- check for mold and clean thoroughly.
  • Check the belt- if there is a fan belt check its condition if it needs to be replaced.
  • Listen for noises- strange noises could be a sign of something deeper being wrong.
  • Change the Filter- Check the filter for dirt and replace it.
  • Schedule a maintenance appointment for a deeper dive into your air conditioning maintenance.

There are many small improvements to make to your air conditioning unit and ensure that you perform good maintenance. However, not everyone has the time or resources to fix their air conditioning to its highest efficiency. Some jobs are better left to professionals. Let Mason Pro Services be your easy and convenient solution to annual maintenance visits.