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How Often Should You Drain Your Hot Water Heater

Have you ever wondered how often you should drain your hot water heater? Or how to do so effectively?

Both are good questions, considering hot water heaters do need to be drained, cleaned, and refilled regularly to continue operating at peak performance. Sediment in a hot water heater will impact its performance. When calcium and lime can build up, it can affect temperature and even damage components in the system. If you want your hot water heater to stand the test of time, it is important to carry out routine maintenance or call in the experts to ensure a quality job.

Draining Process

To correctly drain a hot water heater, the existing water should be disposed of in an approved drain. The water that is drained will contain most of the sediment; however, it is not enough to simply refill the hot water heater without removing any excess sediment.

The process should also involve checking and cleaning important components; taking care not to accidentally damage vulnerable parts of the hot water system, such as coils. Most sediment gathers at the bottom of the tank, which inhibits the heating process. This means the heater and any component parts are forced to work harder. The energy required to heat water to the temperature needed will reflect in your monthly bills.

When to Drain Your Hot Water Heater

In most cases, draining is recommended at least once a year. It is important this process is carried out regularly, otherwise sediment will continue to build up and will almost certainly cause damage. Manufacturer recommendations of once a year assume many hot water heaters are installed in areas with hard water. This increases the potential for sediment building up in the system.

Failing to Drain a Hot Water System

Energy efficiency may be the least of your problems if you do not drain your hot water heater once a year, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Sediment may escape the tank and find its way into regular plumbing; which can lead to several potentially costly problems. You could end up having to install an entirely new hot water system, on top of general plumbing repair costs.

Build-up of sediment can cause water pressure issues as well as leading to burst pipes. Remember, there are other appliances which are connected to the same plumbing which could become irreparably damaged if you do not drain the hot water heater regularly.

Inexpensive When Compared to Repair/Replacement

The cost of having your hot water heater drained once a year is nothing compared to repairing or replacing the system. It’s the same principle as having a vehicle, or any other mechanical device serviced; knowing the alternative is a breakdown that will cost considerably more to rectify.

Much like with a car, if a single important component in a hot water heater is damaged, it can detrimentally impact on other components. Draining your hot water heater provides the opportunity to both clean out the system and identify any issues with components.

Tankless Water Heaters

Where there is water, there is the potential for sediment building up – tankless water heaters are no exception. Water that is left to gather in pipes and around components will eventually damage the heater if regular cleaning and maintenance is not carried out.

Mason Plumbing has the tools and knowledge to ensure your tankless water heater keeps working as designed. We will flush out any scaling and sediment, while also cleaning working parts, such as fans and ventilation systems.

Hiring a Professional

While it is possible to drain your own water heater, there is a risk of damaging parts of the heater in the process. A trained professional from Mason Plumbing will adhere to a methodical process that is based on the make and model of your hot water heater and any component parts. Our service includes inspecting the system to ensure it is working at optimum levels.

Regular maintenance is proven to reduce the cost of repair and replacement of plumbing systems. When you hire Mason Plumbing to drain your water heater, we will also provide advice and maintenance tips to help you get the most from your system. The money you spend with us will save you over the long term on energy or repair costs.

To find out more about the maintenance plans available from Mason Plumbing, contact us today and speak to a friendly representative. We have financing options available to suit the needs of every customer. You can call Mason Plumbing at (602) 680-5086.