The top of a water heater

How Long Should a Water Heater Last?

A residential hot water heater will typically last between 8 and 12 years. Proper maintenance and care are the key to making a unit last.

Knowing how long a water heater should last can save you the inconvenience and surprise of a cold shower when you’re getting ready for the day. On average, a residential water heater will last between 8 and 12 years. If you have properly maintained and cared for your heater, then it may reach the upper end of that range, but regular use of the unit will still take its toll over time.

Signs a Water Heater Should be Replaced

Even with regular maintenance, a water heater won’t last forever. While draining your unit, lowering the temperature, and testing the pressure relief valve can help extend the life of your unit, when you start to notice certain signs, it could mean that it is time to find a replacement. If you might not be sure when your unit was installed, then knowing these signs can help you decide if it is time to look for a new water heater:

  • The tank leaks – a leaking tank is a typical sign of a tank that needs to be replaced as a result of continued use and hard water build-up.
  • Noises coming from the unit – these noises will typically sound like popping or gurgling and are a result of hard water build-up in the tank being heated.
  • There is no hot water – this one is pretty straightforward. If your unit is no longer producing hot water, then something is probably wrong with the unit.
  • Water is tinted – if the water that comes out of the unit has some kind of coloring or tint, this could be a sign that there is rust in your heater.

Choosing a New Heater

A water heater will last for approximately 8 to 12 years. If it’s time to replace an old one, this can be an opportunity to either buy a similar model or upgrade. There are a variety of models with different features, so you can find one that will meet your needs. When looking for a new heater, consider what your needs are:

  • Tank or Tankless
  • Gallon Capacity and Dimensions
  • Recovery Rate
  • Energy Efficiency

Hot water is an essential part of many people’s routines, which is why it is important to do what you can to make your water heater last. At Mason Pro Services, our team is ready and trained to handle all water heater problems. From maintenance to replacements, our skilled technicians have all the necessary tools to ensure that you have a unit that not only works but is efficient. If you’ve begun to notice signs of your unit’s lifespan coming to an end or would like preventative maintenance, contact us today!