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How Does Arizona’s Heat Affect Your AC Unit?

Have you ever considered how much the Arizona heat affects your AC unit?

You may have noticed that the constant heat forces your AC unit to work overtime. However, there are ways you can help reduce the impact in the Arizona summer months.

When things start heating up outside, the AC unit will begin to struggle to cool the hot air. An AC unit needs to draw heated air from the inside of your home and then vent it outside. Hot air from the outside is then drawn into the AC unit where it is cooled. The problem is when the air outside is hot the AC unit will need to step up a few gears to handle the extra heat.

Overworked AC Unit

Your AC unit has a manufacturer lifespan which is typically based on carrying out recommended maintenance and repairs. The summer months in Arizona will really put your AC unit through its paces. If homeowners ignore the needs of an AC unit when it’s hot outside, they are effectively reducing the lifespan of the unit.

An AC unit that is not cared for will eventually begin to incur damage. This results in the system having to work even harder to produce the same results. Not only are you facing the potential of paying for expensive repairs or replacement, your utility bills will also take a hit due to an AC unit that consumes more energy.

There are a number of passive steps you can take as well as repair and maintenance. You don’t need any technical knowledge or tools to get into habits that help your AC unit work effectively. All you have to do is create a checklist of steps to take in order to combat the Arizona heat.

Passive Steps & Maintenance

The windows in your home can help your AC unit cope with the strain of processing extremely hot air. Contrary to what you may think, leaving doors and windows open is not recommended. The openings will result in heated air flowing freely through your home. That means your AC unit is constantly processing the same air, which makes the system practically redundant. Shut your windows and doors so the AC unit can do its job.

The system needs to work effectively according to how it was designed. One of the major components of an AC system is the air vents around your home. Unlike doors and windows, you need to keep these vents open when the AC unit is running. Cooling relies on the vents being open and free from any blockages. That means you also should not position furniture or other objects directly in front of the vents.

Distribution of air also plays a key role in effective air conditioning. Ceiling fans work hand-in-hand with AC units to improve the flow of cool air around your home. The fans suck up the colder air from ground level and circulate it around the room. If a room is unoccupied you should keep the fan off in order to reduce energy costs. However, if it’s a bedroom, don’t forget to check the temperature before you plan on retiring for the night. You may want to turn the fan on for a while first to cool down the room.

Have you checked your air filters recently? If not, now is the time to do so. Clogged air filters will reduce the effectiveness of your AC unit. It is recommended that you check your filters at least once a month to see if they need it replaced. Homeowners with pets, such as dogs and cats, may find that filters need to be replaced much more often due to an animal shedding its winter coat.

Radiant heat is a silent but effective enemy of the AC unit. You have your doors and windows closed but direct heat from the sun can still enter through glass in the form of radiant heat. By closing your blinds when the sun is at its strongest you will reduce the amount of heat your AC unit has to deal with.

Scheduled Maintenance

The bottom line is that you want to get the most out of your AC unit. If the system isn’t maintained, you will find that any repairs are expensive or the AC unit needs to be replaced much sooner than you had anticipated. It is better to have the AC unit serviced periodically to ensure it is working to its maximum potential. A qualified and experienced cooling specialist can inspect your AC unit and any associated components to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Call Mason Mechanical today to prepare your AC unit for the worst that the Arizona heat has to offer. We have the tools and skills required to meet all your home cooling needs.