How Does Aerosealing Work and Why Should I Do It?

Aerosealing ensures that your home does not lose energy efficiency, maintains good indoor air quality, and saves you on maintenance bills.

Aerosealing is the perfect way to make your house a home. Are you overheating in those summer months? What about those freezing months where it seems like all the heat has been sucked out of your home? This could be due to the tiny leaks occurring in your home’s air ducts. This reduces energy efficiency in your home and makes your heating or cooling system run even more than it needs too. The average home loses twenty-five to forty percent of heated and cooled air through leaks in the air ducts. The aerosealing process seals those leaks to prevent loss in heat or cooled air.

Why Aeroseal?

Aerosealing is a great way to ensure that your home is staying cool or heated and working to be the most energy-efficient. This also means that your heating or cooling system does not have to work as hard to ensure that your home is heated or cooled. Thus, saving you money on repairs due to an overworked system.

Energy Efficient

Aerosealing your home ensure that all the hard work your heating or cooling system is doing is working. A home or business that constantly leaks cool or warm air will thus be using more energy to heat or cool the space. With aerosealing and the right energy efficient HVAC product, your home can save on utility costs and lessen your footprint. Aerosealing can save you up to 30% on energy costs.

Aerosealing Keeps Out “Bad” Air

The aeroseal process not only increases your home energy efficiency but also keeps out dust, pollutants, and allergens from being pulled into your homes air streams. All of these can have major effects on your health. Thus, with aerosealing your indoor air quality will improve and ensure that you and your loved ones remain happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Dust– dust is mostly made up of the dirt that is tracked into your home from the outside and can include pollen and soot. It can also include pet fibers, food particles. These can exasperate your allergies and also create the perfect place for bugs and dust mites, who can create droppings that carry diseases or illnesses.

Dust can also exaggerate and add to the allergies you experience. Allergies can be caused by airborne particles that are brought into your home or circulated within it. This is why aerosealing is a great way to kick that runny nose and cough to the curb.

Pollutants- pollutants can include toxic products, pesticides, viruses, and even bacteria. Pollutants can be a danger to your health and air leakage will spread around your home quite easily and enter your home quite easily. There are a variety of products that can cause various pollutants from paint, wax, smoke, while insecticides and disinfectants can increase the chances of poisoning and cause breathing issues, skin irritation, and pose other health risks.

How does it Work?

Aerosealing process is meant to seal faulty and torn ducts from the inside out. Escaping air is put under pressure and polymer particles bond to each other to close a hole or leak. The air will then be sealed in without allowing leaks and places where pollutants can enter. Mason Pro Services offers Aerosealing services to ensure that your home is energy-efficient, healthy, and stays comfortable.