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Air Conditioning History: How it Changed Everything

Air conditioning has a long and interesting history

The history of the air conditioner is an interesting one that changed the course of our modern society. Air conditioning allowed us to work inside at higher efficiency, allowed comfort and movement, allowed for businesses to increase productivity, and changed how we interact and spend our time. The air conditioner has a long and surprising history, coming about in the early 1900s to take the industrial world by storm, and then sweeping into residential modern life.

The Beginning

The beginning of the air conditioner came around 1902. Other inventors came up with various ways to cool a space, utilizing ice and even creating refrigeration type technology. In early days Sackett and Williams began to look into ways to control the varying humidity levels as they tried to print in color. However, an inventor by the name of Willis Carrier came up with the idea of using air coils that had cold water in them and blowing a fan over them to try to reduce humidity levels that would cause blurry and damaged prints. This invention spread in industrial factories and businesses to control humidity and added the unexpected benefit that workers could work more comfortably and were more content with factory jobs.

How Air Conditioning Changed Business

Air conditioning was a huge benefit to various businesses especially businesses that manufacture various goods. Various products that were prone to weather changes, like leather or paint products, changed the business. These businesses were able to establish better time frames for creating products, more efficiency in the production line, and were able to preserve and keep products from deteriorating or being damaged. With the later invention of computer technology, air conditioning was even more important to maintain and preserve the integrity of various servers. Now, businesses could thrive, and with this came the rise of more private businesses and service businesses that people wanted to visit and sit within comfortably.  Air conditioning allowed workers to work at higher productivity and efficiency since they were affected by heat exposure which could cause fatigue and even a stroke.


How Air Conditioning Changed Our Behavior


Air conditioning brought changes to our behavior as well. During the hottest parts of the day, people would try to reduce their exposure to various tricks. Some would take naps during the day, some would buy transportation and feel the breeze of a moving vehicle. Others would carry fans and swim often to reduce heat exposure. As air conditioning began to change and become safer and more accessible, it first was offered to more of the public through movie theaters. People flocked to movie theatres as a new activity, popularizing air conditioning. The introduction of modern air conditioning brought with it the indoor activities that we all enjoy. Families threw more parties and air conditioning encouraged people to stay inside and spend time with family and friends. Our behavior changed from avoiding heat to finding solace and comfort in our own homes.

How Air Conditioning Made History and Changed Our Homes

Before modern air conditioning, as we know it, houses were designed to keep airflow optimal to try to reduce heat.  Originally, houses were built with high ceilings, thick walls, and windows away from the sun. We began moving to hotter climates and having homes built that were changed to be dependent on air conditioning and incorporating it. Suddenly, air conditioning brought change to the high ceilings and thick walls we had come to know. Instead, homes didn’t need cross ventilation and designs with maximized shade areas. Instead, homes could be designed around air conditioning and more customized for the homeowner. At Mason Pro Services we offer a variety of air conditioning choices and services to make your home as comfortable as possible.