Health Benefits of a Humidifier

“It’s a dry heat”

One of the things we love about Arizona is that it’s a desert! Beautiful cacti and sunsets aside, the dry air is something that we can often take for granted. However, if you’ve ever been to the South in the summertime, you understand when Arizonians say that they would much prefer 120 ° here than 90° with 95% humidity. While our weather is the main attribute that attracts people to Arizona, there is a downside to the dryness. Dry air can take a toll on your body; after all, we are made up of 60% water. A humidifier may be the solution to all your dryness-related issues. Here are some things to consider about incorporating humidifiers into your desert home.


Dry air can cause the moisture in your skin and organs to evaporate, causing adverse symptoms over time. Adding a humidifier can put back some moisture in the air and provide many benefits.

  • Prevents colds and flu
    • Dry air has a particularly negative effect when the flu or other airborne sicknesses are being spread around. Studies have shown that adding humidity to the air will cause virus particles to deactivate, which makes them less likely to be infectious and will make you overall healthier and happier!
  • Relieves congestion
    • Dry air can cause mucus to become dry and thick, which results in clogged nasal passages. Adding moisture to the air can help to break up the phlegm in your nose and chest, relieving stuffy noses and sinus pain. This can also reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Prevents dry skin and hair
    • Dry air = dry skin and hair. When your skin is dry, it can crack and wrinkle more easily and can even become painful. Even using lotion and Chapstick may not be enough to rehydrate your skin. And dry hair is more prone to breakage and frizz. A humidifier will make the air overall moister, which helps to reduce the dryness in skin and hair.
  • Reduces snoring
    • If the air is dry, a person’s airways are likely to be insufficiently lubricated, which can make snoring worse. Humidity adds more moisture to the airways, which can reduce the intensity of snoring.
  • Benefits the home
    • Humidifiers improve your home’s health too! Houseplants may become more vibrant with added moisture and wood floors and furniture can last longer. Humidity can also help prevent wallpaper from cracking or building up static electricity.


Humidifiers can provide many benefits, but there are some things to keep in mind to ensure your humidifier is working efficiently and safely.

  • Keep the water clean
    • Humidifiers essentially turns water into a breathable vapor, so if the water is dirty, it will produce dirty air. A dark, humid environment is a breeding ground for bacteria, but this can be easily avoided by cleaning the tank and replacing the filter regularly.
  • Too much humidity
    • We know that too much dryness in the air isn’t good, but neither is too much moisture. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the ideal indoor humidity levels should be between 30-50%. The best way to ensure your humidity stays within this range is to have a humidity meter in the room where the humidifier is being used.
  • Hard or tap water
    • Most manufacturers recommend using only purified water in humidifiers. This is because unfiltered hard or tap water can contain higher levels of minerals and other particles, which will distribute those in the air through the humidifier. Stick to purified water only to avoid this issue.

Humidifier Types

Humidifiers all have the same basic function of adding humidity to the air, but there are many different variations available.

  • Steam vaporizers
    • These use electricity to create steam and then cools the steam before releasing it into the air. There is a risk of burning skin by touching the machine, so this type of humidifier should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers
    • These are normal humidifiers, but they vaporize water through vibrations instead of electricity
  • Evaporators
    • These produce humidity by blowing air past evaporating water
  • Impeller humidifiers
    • This is the humidifier to use around children because they use evaporating discs to vaporize the water instead of heat
  • Central humidifiers
    • These are units that can connect to the central air conditioner, adding moisture to the entire house

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