hail damage

Hail Damage?

Yes, it’s been 9 months since the big hail storm in the Valley of the Sun. Have you had your A/C system checked for hail damage?

Can Hail Damage Your Air Conditioning Equipment?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s hard to believe that a storm can have such an effect on your air conditioning equipment, but it can. Damage can range from dented coils that need combing to coils needing to be replaced. Dented coils can prevent your system from operating normally. Those dented coils can have a long term effect on the internal components of your air conditioning system. Depending on the age of your system, hail damage can warrant a complete replacement if enough damage is done.

Why should you have an air conditioning expert take a look at your system even if it’s working fine after the storm? At Mason, we believe the little repairs and continual maintenance can extend the life of your unit. In Arizona, our air conditioning systems work hard enough in the summer, you don’t want to wait until it’s not working to get it checked out.

Expert Hail Damage Repair & Maintenance

So if you had hail during the storm take a look at your outside component. The damage can be seen visually.  Or better yet, call Mason Pro Servicesl for your annual maintenance checkup and we’ll check for hail damage at the same time. We can work with your insurance company if you do have damage to get it covered. Mason also offers plumbing services! If you have damage to other pipes or need a plumbing repair, give us a call as well!