a garbage disposal full of vegetables

4 Garbage Disposal Tips to Get Your Unit Through the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time to a garbage disposal. Ensure that yours stays in top shape with our top tips.

The holidays are the time of year for your garbage disposal unit to shine! With so many parties and meals to make in the kitchen, a unit will see a lot of use between Thanksgiving and the New Year. To ensure that your garbage disposer makes it through the holidays, and the rest of the year, we’re sharing our best tips to keep your garbage disposal in top shape.

Avoid Foods That Damage a Garbage Disposal

One of the most common causes of damage to a garbage disposal is due to things being put into it that shouldn’t be. While it may seem like these units are capable of breaking down any leftovers, the truth is, there is a pretty extensive list of things that should be disposed of in a different way than down the drain. Using any of the following items can not only damage the blades or back-up your unit but could also lead to costly plumbing clogs.

  • Fats, Grease, & Oil
  • Pasta, Rice, & Oats
  • Bones
  • Chicken Skin
  • Fibrous Vegetables – Celery, Kale, Onion Skins
  • Starches – Potatoes, Sauerkraut
  • Coffee Grounds

Regularly Run & Clean Your Unit

Beyond watching what you put into your garbage disposal, you will want to ensure that you take regular steps to maintain and keep it in top shape. Even if you aren’t using it to break down food, it can still be beneficial to run the disposal every few days with cold water. This helps to prevent the blades from rusting while also loosening any food that may be leftover on the walls.

Regular cleaning is another great way to keep garbage disposals running their best. While you don’t need to clean the appliance every day, it is often recommended to clean it every 2 weeks to remove any gunk and bacteria that have built up. Just remember to turn the appliance off any time you are cleaning or doing repairs by hand.

Avoid Synthetic Cleaning Products

While synthetic cleaning products may be more convenient and work faster, they often come with the risk of eating away at your pipes. Synthetic products like bleach can also pose a danger when used to clean garbage disposals as the products can splash out when the appliance is turned on.

When cleaning, try to use synthetic cleaning products sparingly or look for natural solutions that can be just as effective.

  • Ice cubes and a cup of rock salt are all you need to clean the blades. Simply fill the garbage disposer and let it run for one minute.
  • Half of a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar can then be an effective way to kill bacteria when poured down the drain.
  • For a fresh smell that also kills bacteria, cut-up lemons and warm water can be used together in a garbage disposal. As the appliance grinds the lemons the acid will kill the bacteria while the peels do the cleaning on their way down.

Simple Maintenance Prevents Costly Plumbing Problems

Just like a lot of other home appliances, a little preventative maintenance will not only help your garbage disposal stay in top shape for years to come but also help protect your plumbing. Many kitchen plumbing problems can be traced back to how the garbage disposal is taken care of or what is put into it, so avoid the hassle of backed-up plumbing by giving your appliance a little TLC.

Go With the Pros

Sometimes, regular maintenance just isn’t enough, and plumbing problems arise. When this time comes, you will want to ensure that you trust a reliable professional to deliver the right solution. At Mason Pro Services, each of our experienced plumbers are ready to assist you and provide a solution to whatever your plumbing problems may be. Keep your holidays and your plumbing running smoothly with a call to Mason Pro Services!