An air conditioner installation being done

Does Duct Design Matter?

Asking why duct design matters is very much like asking why roads matter. I can have the best car available, driven by a professional driver, but if the driver encounters a blocked road, he still will not reach his destination.

In the same way, if he has to travel through various detours, he will still arrive, but later and with less energy. Duct design is important to the flow of air through your home, because like that car and driver, a clear, straight path is needed to reach a destination. Here is what you need to know:

  • Heating load and duct size should be calculated when ducts are installed to ensure that each room receives the optimal amount of air. This does not depend solely on the size of the room, but also on factors such as the average temperature of the room based on direct sunlight, how many people typically occupy a room, and the like. One room that is the same size as another may require larger ductwork or more registers to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • There should be no leaky ducts. This seems obvious, but if a duct is leaking, it is forcing the HVAC unit to use more energy to maintain the same temperature. Duct mastic can be used to seal any leaky areas or holes in your ductwork. There is no need to heat or cool your attic when you could be funneling that air to your living spaces instead.