clean air quality

Clean Your Home’s Air to Keep Everyone Healthy

Cleaning your homes air is essential to keeping a safe and healthy household.

Home air quality is a crucial part of keeping you and loved ones safe and comfortable. Social distancing measures and at-home isolation has led to many more households having to spend a considerable amount of time at home. It’s important to keep your home safe and healthy, considering you and those you care for may spend a lot of time in their homes.

How Air Quality Can Affect health

Poor air quality can affect all members of the home, especially the young and old who have respiratory or cardiovascular issues. According to the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, outdoor and indoor pollutants can combine in a home to make a less-than-ideal living situation. Outdoor pollutants can include vehicle traffic and industrial activities that can be carried into the household from outside.

Indoor activities can include products homeowners use, engaging in activities like smoking. Or even using various chemicals like VOC`s, volatile organic compounds, can be used from using these various chemical products like sprays and cleaners. These are linked to health issues like nose and throat irritation, headaches, and migraines. More severe cases link to asthma and allergy issues. Long-period exposure to certain pollutants can lead to respiratory disease, cancer, and heart disease. It is imperative to keep good air quality in order to avoid sicknesses that can be life-threatening. Furthermore, less than ideal air quality can also have adverse effects on your health.

Poor Air Quality Can Transmit Sickness

Poor air quality can also be attributed to the circulation of germs and bacteria. It is essential for the amount of time you spend in your home to keep a clean space and try to maintain clean air quality. When individuals who may be sick cough or sneeze, they can spread germ particles into the air that can be carried and circulated throughout the home. This increases the chances for all the members of the household to get sick. It is important to maintain good air quality for the sake of all those in the home. Mason Pro Services offers Anti-microbial fog treatment to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other viruses. We also use UVC technology in our HVAC systems, which utilizes UVC light to suppress and kill germs. Considering how poor air quality can affect health, its important to know how to keep clean air quality.

How to Clean

To keep clean and healthy air quality, it is important to get outdoor air to circulate and move throughout your home. Opening doors and windows and increasing airflow helps to push out airborne bacteria that may be trapped in your home from sickness. Make sure to take off clothing when you enter that may have trapped bacteria from the outdoors and don`t trek these materials through your home. Reducing the level of chemical products, you use can also decrease the chances of VOCs. We suggest investing in an air scrubber offered at Mason Pro Services to reduce the risk of airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. Check out our Indoor Air Quality treatments and tips on how to keep you and those you love to maintain a healthy home!