With the holidays approaching and the temperatures cooling, there are now more risks than ever for house fires. While fire hazards, in general, aren’t seasonal, this time of year we often see a few additional items brought into homes that can pose a fire safety risk. In order to ensure the safety of you, your… Read More

The process of phasing out R22 refrigerant is set to complete in 2020, at which time you will no longer be able to purchase the product in the usual way. R22 refrigerant is being phased out due to the harmful impact the compound has on the ozone layer, air quality, and the environment. Unfortunately, that… Read More

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While you may have heard of R-22 for its ozone depleting qualities, you may not be aware of its deadly use by teenagers. Teens around the country are huffing Freon to get a high. Why has it become so popular among teens? Freon is easily available in outdoor AC units and has short-lived effects. Why… Read More