You may have been disappointed to find that your old system isn’t working like it used to. If repair can’t fix it, you may be in need of air conditioning installation services. Buying a new system is a big investment, and should be considered with care. We recommend you do the research and consult a specialist… Read More

While you can’t control the environment outside, you can do things to relieve symptoms indoors. One of the biggest difference makers are home air purifiers. Simply installed by your air conditioning company, these systems are ideal for removing airborne allergens and other irritants from the air, to provide your family with only clean air. If you aren’t… Read More

While you may not currently be using your air conditioning units due to mild winter temperatures, now is an ideal time to call Mason Pro Services and schedule preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system. Making sure you have your preventative maintenance complete is a great way to prevent problems in the future, when the… Read More

Do you have an attic in your home and is it insulated? Air leaking into your attic could be costing you more money than you realize. In most homes, up to 30% of its heating and cooling energy are lost due to air leaks and lack of insulation. These air leaks could be around plumbing… Read More

Can Hail Damage Your Air Conditioning Equipment? Absolutely! In fact, it’s hard to believe that a storm can have such an effect on your air conditioning equipment, but it can. Damage can range from dented coils that need combing to coils needing to be replaced. Dented coils can prevent your system from operating normally. Those dented… Read More