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What is the Best Thermostat Temperature for a Home?

A thermostat temperature can make a huge difference in a home. From comfort to savings, there are various factors to consider when deciding your thermostat's set point.

The thermostat temperature is often a highly debated subject in and out of a home. The temperature your home is set to will affect not only your comfort in your space but also your energy usage and monthly bill. When it comes to choosing the set point for your HVAC system, there are various factors to consider because there is a different “best” temperature for each home and the people living in it.

Setting Your Thermostat Temperature for Comfort

One of the most significant benefits that has come from the invention of air conditioning is the comfort that it has provided people in their homes. No feeling is better than walking into a cool home on a hot Arizona summer day. Everyone has a different temperature that they find comfortable. This means you should set your temperature to the point that will help you feel comfortable while you are in your home.

Adjusting for the Season

Most often, we set our thermostat temperature based on the season. In Arizona, we often program our AC systems to run at cooler temperatures in the hot summer months, while the rest of the year offers some flexibility thanks to cooler outdoor temperatures. Depending on your location, the weather, and the amount of direct sunlight your home receives, it is possible to set a thermostat at higher or lower temperatures based on what is comfortable for you. It is important to remember that the more you try to heat or cool your home from the outside temperature, the more your system may need to run. A higher or lower temperature could significantly affect your monthly bill.

Budgeting Costs and Saving Energy

As important as comfort is, it often comes with a cost. Especially during the summer. It probably isn’t a surprise that the summer months are often the most expensive for Arizona residents. The high outside temperatures increase the internal temperatures, meaning the AC unit has to run more often to try and match the thermostat temperature. While there are things that you can do to reduce your energy use and bill, they often come at the cost of sacrificing a little bit of comfort or convenience.

Find a Middle Ground That Works For You

While you can choose your thermostat temperature based only on comfort or cost, the best strategy is to find a middle ground between the two. Staying within a budget and remaining comfortable is possible with a bit of practice.

During the summer months, a good starting point is 78 degrees. From there, you can lower the thermostat temperature a degree or two at a time if you need more comfort or raise it to save on your monthly bill. During the cooler months, a good heating starting point is 68 degrees. If you’d like a little more warmth, you can raise the thermostat temperature. To save energy, lower or turn off the heater.

Other ways you can stay comfortable in your home while saving on those monthly bills include:

  • Using standing or ceiling fans in rooms during hot months.
  • Close or open window coverings to control the amount of warming sunlight that enters through the windows.
  • Invest in a smart thermostat or manually adjust the temperature when you aren’t in the home.
  • Wear warm clothing like sweaters, sweatpants, or socks to keep the thermostat temperature down during cooler months.

Go With the Pros

No matter what you set your thermostat temperature to, if your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently, it could be affecting your bill without effectively adjusting the climate in your home. Regular maintenance to your unit and monthly filter changes throughout the year can help to ensure that it will remain at its peak condition throughout the year.

When looking for professional HVAC maintenance, look no further than the pros at Mason Pro Services. Whether your unit is down or you want to conduct a bit of preemptive maintenance, our team of highly trained technicians will get your unit running at its best. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment so you can get back to enjoying the comfort of your home.