An AC unit getting annual maintenance

AZ is Hot – Don’t Neglect Your AC!

It’s 105 degrees in Mesa, AZ today and June has only just begun! It’s not even technically summer yet and we’ve had 100+ degree weather for at least a few weeks now.

Arizona holds the #2 spot in the rankings of the 10 Hottest Temperatures in US History. In 1994, Lake Havasu City earned our state this spot by reaching 128 degrees. Even higher yet, Death Valley, CA holds both the country and the world record for the hottest temperature ever recorded at 134 degrees in 1913. Some days in Mesa, in the short few minutes we are all forced to be outdoors in the summer, it sure does feel like the obscenely high temperature of 134. We cannot tolerate such high temperatures for long periods of time, and that’s why air conditioning systems go from being a matter of comfort to a matter of safety.

Annual Maintenance

Arizona homeowners should have their air conditioners serviced at least bi-yearly – more often if you have allergy concerns or poor energy efficiency. It’s important that you do not neglect your AC unit! By having your air conditioning unit serviced regularly by a professional, you can avoid unexpected issues requiring repair that leave you in the heat on the hottest summer day. Once the AC goes out, the house can warm up very quickly, reaching dangerous indoor temps and creating a dangerous situation.

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