A woman with an indoor allergy

Allergy Relief

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that there are more than 30 million pollutant and dust particles in each cubic feet of air.

Unfortunately, this unusually warm winter we are experiencing has allowed for tree pollination to begin earlier thus resulting in allergy symptoms for many across Phoenix and surrounding cities.

What are Allergies?

Pharmaceuticals may help relieve your symptoms, but your AC company can provide you with an even better solution to help you completely remove the allergens from the air in your home. Mason Pro Services offers indoor air quality services to help you find the allergy relief you deserve from your home. Take the next steps in reducing allergens in your home to reduce allergy symptoms.

How Do Allergens Get In Your Home?

When you open windows or doors, air from outside rushes in and polluting your indoor air with allergens. While insulation in your home helps to keep outside air out of your home, it also traps polluted air inside. This air is then recirculated and breathed by your family. A heating and cooling technician can come to your home and help you determine the best course of action for improving your indoor air quality. This may include the installation of a whole home air cleaner or air purifier.

These systems work by receiving airflow from the home. After filtering out pollutants and allergens the clean air is recirculated back into the home. If you are struggling with allergies, don’t just mask the problem with medication. Go straight to the source and remove the allergens that are causing the problems!

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