A man replacing his air filter to help lower his ac bill

Tips to Keep Your AC Bill Lower This Summer

You can feel it in the air, even before the first weather reports. The temperatures are rising – and so is your reliance on air conditioning.

The next thing that will go up is energy costs, closely followed by your bank balance dropping. Keeping your AC bill lower during the summer is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With these tips, you can reduce the amount of money spent on cooling costs this summer.

Swap-Out Air Filter

There are a number of benefits to changing your air filter. You get to keep more money in your pocket, the AC system will last longer and indoor airflow and quality are improved. To keep on top of your air filter maintenance, schedule cleaning once a month.

To keep things simple, set a repeat alarm on your cell for the 1st of each month to clean or replace the filter. For added efficiency, you may want to write the change date so you know how long you are getting out of a filter.

The amount of light that can shine through a filter is an indicator of whether it needs to be changed. If there is no light passing through the filter, clean or change it. Air conditioning systems have to work harder with dirty filters. Replacing the filter will improve performance – and your lungs will thank you for the cleaner air.

Windows and Drapes

Blinds and drapes can stay closed during the day to help limit heat. Once the temperature cools outside, let some of that air inside to cool down your home. Don’t keep windows open during the day, as all you are doing is letting the warm air in. Solar screens are a worthwhile investment if you want to reduce heat absorption through windows.

You should also check around windows, doors, vents and anywhere else that air leaks can occur. If you consider that most homes have air leakage that is equivalent to a 3-by-3-foot hole, blocking these gaps makes sense.

Use Shade

The sun can really do a number on your energy costs if given the opportunity. Shade is one way to reduce the amount of heat that penetrates through windows, walls and your roof. Shady trees and shrubs can help keep the sun at bay by creating a natural barrier for your home.

Ceiling Fans

If your fans have a winter setting, now is the time to make that adjustment back to summer. Fans at night are a better option than running air conditioning. You will achieve cooler inside temperatures throughout your home using fans. There are considerable savings to be made by utilizing fans efficiently in the warmer months.

You can confidently turn up the thermostat on your AC when there is better air flow. Slowly adjust your thermostat with fans running to save up to 3% off typical summertime energy bills. The cost of running your fans at night and for air circulation is much cheaper, too.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the best ways to drive down your cooling costs in the summer. Even if you neglect to follow all the advised practices religiously, a well-maintained air conditioning system will really help reduce your expenditure. At Mason Mechanical, we recommend regular checks, maintenance and necessary repairs to keep air conditioning systems working efficiently all year round.

Living and working in Arizona brings enough challenges in the summer without worrying about the AC breaking down. Mason Mechanical offers 24/7 emergency services so you won’t end up reeling in the heat. To help you avoid getting caught without air, our regular maintenance services are available at your convenience.

We have worked hard in the Arizona heat to maintain our A+ BBB rating, so our customers can stay cool. If you believe your air conditioning system has had better days, Mason Mechanical can step up to the plate and carry out any necessary adjustments. Maintenance is an important part of ensuring that your AC system stands the test of time and provides energy efficient savings.

Sometimes repairs are needed to give an air conditioning system a new lease on life. You can rely on Mason Mechanical to come through for you in a pinch. Our highly trained and professional technicians are always on time and equipped to handle any job. We set the gold standard for plumbing, heating and cooling maintenance in Arizona.

Reach out to the offices of Mason Mechanical today if you need your air conditioning system checked before the heat really comes down in Arizona. We are proud members of Air Conditioning Contractors of America, delivering high-quality parts and services to our customers in the Greater Phoenix area.

You can speak to a member of the Mason Mechanical team at (602) 680-5086 for more information on the services that we offer and how you can lower your ac bill..