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7 Signs You May Need to Repair Your AC Unit

We all know the immediate signs of when your AC isn’t working properly, but there are a couple of signs that are more severe than you think!

Whether you preform regular maintenance or not, you may need to call the experts at Mason Pro Services for an assessment of your air conditioning unit if you encounter any of the following signs that your AC unit isn’t working properly.

  1. Your air doesn’t feel that cold

This could be caused by several situations. An air conditioner with not enough refrigerant or too much refrigerant will not operate properly and cause excessive run time and lower temperatures coming out of your vents. This and could damage the internal system in your air conditioner.

  1. Your unit is running, but no cool air is coming out of the vents

If you can hear your system running and your home temperature is rising the first thing you should check is your filter and see how dirty it is. In the summer air conditioners run time longer the filter will become restricted more quickly and can cause your AC to freeze up. If your filter is extremely dirty then you should turn off your thermostat to the OFF position. Turn your fan mode to ON, change your filter and let it run on the fan only up to 2 hours then you can turn your thermostat back to COOL and place the fan to AUTO. If your units starts to cool the home down and this symptom doesn’t occur in the next day then most likely it is was your dirty filter. If it occurs again then you should call immediately for a service call.

  1. My system stops cooling in the middle of the day

This could be caused by several things. The out outdoor fan motor bearings could be at the end of its life span causing the motor to run extra hot along with direct sun contact in the middle of the day can cause the motor to overheat and shut down. If the fan motor shuts down for more than 30 seconds that can cause the compressor to overheat and shut down. A dirty outdoor coil can also cause the compressor to overheat and shut down in the middle of the day.  Either scenario will reduce the compressor life and can cause premature internal equipment failure.

  1. AC is making strange noises

There are a few strange sounds that your air conditioner can make… banging, squealing, clicking or buzzing/humming. If your unit is making banging sounds, it’s most likely a loose or broken part, or even an indication that your system needs a compressor replacement. The squealing can come from the blower and fan when they malfunction. A constant clicking of parts in your AC unit is not typical. This could be a sign of a defective control or failing thermostat or something electrical in your system. Buzzing and humming may not always be as serious as the other noises, but it still signals something inside your air conditioning unit is loose or off.

These noises could lead to a more significant problem, therefore it’s important to call an expert that can diagnose the issue with your air conditioning unit. Even better, find a reliable AC company that provides maintenance plans to keep your system in the best shape for every season.

  1. Air conditioner is short cycling

When your ac unit starts going on and off too frequently, it may be short cycling. When this happens, it makes it nearly impossible for your home to stay comfortable and it can be a burden on your electric bill. In addition, frequent on-and-off cycling can put your air conditioner through a lot of stress which can lead to more complicated and more expensive ac repairs.

  1. Air conditioning starts to smell

There are several situations that can cause your system to have orders like a musty dirty sock smell. During the times of year when it is more humid the air conditioner removes moisture from the air. If it cannot drain the water properly or there is stagnate water in the drain pan it can give of a musty order. Animals and rodents can get into duct work and cause other order issues along with possible duct leakage causing you to loose air.  If you’re having trouble identifying the exact smell and how to fix it, you need to call an AC expert at Mason Pro Services.

  1. Water is leaking from ceiling

Condensate drain lines can get clogged with in time especially if there is poor drainage slope. When this happens the water over flows the drain pan and leaks on to your ceiling. Most units today have what’s called a secondary drain pan which catches the water. Look for a PVC pipe coming out of the top side of your home. If water is coming out of this pipe your main drain line is clogged and you should call for repair.

Can I postpone a repair?

Sure, but you shouldn’t! By postponing a repair, you may only risk higher costs in the long run to repair your system. It can also raise your utility bill if your air conditioning unit has to work twice as hard to cool your home. It is best to have your unit repaired immediately when you noticed something is off or you see signs of issues. Contact Mason Pro Services to learn more about why we strive to keep our customers for life.