An AC unit keeping a home cool

4 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Arizona summers can be rough without ample means to stay cool. Across the Valley and the surrounding cities, there are many things AZ residents can do to beat the heat!

  1. First and foremost, make sure the air conditioning system in your home is in proper working order. Without an AC that can efficiently cool, being at home will be miserable and even dangerous. Mason Pro Services provides unmatched AC maintenance and Chandler air conditioning repair to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness from your system. Don’t wait until your AC goes out on a 120 degree day – contact us today for AC service.
  2. Go see a movie! Did you know that movie theatres were some of the first businesses to implement air conditioning systems, even during the Depression? Because people flocked to theatres in the summertime to beat the heat, theatres started to release their best productions during the summer, giving birth to the summer blockbuster. The same hold true today, as theaters are a great place to get out of the hot sun and heat.
  3. Go tubing on the Salt River! Families enjoy taking a lazy ride down the river in tubes to stay cool and still enjoy the outdoors.
  4. One of the great things about Arizona is the variety of landscapes we have. You can drive an hour or two from town and find yourself up and out of the heat and in the trees and mountains. There are plenty of areas within short driving distance to take a day trip to and cool off.