4 Reasons Why Heating Maintenance Is Beneficial

Thanksgiving is nearly here and the cool fall temperatures are evidence enough.

The weather pattern as of late has left many turning on their furnaces and heat pumps to keep warm when the temperatures drop into the 30s and 40s at night.

Whether you have turned your heaters on already or have yet to do so, allowing a heating repair expert to perform routine maintenance on your system is recommended. While many think of maintenance as just another chance for contractors to make money, there are a number of reasons that this service is not to be passed up.


Operating your home heating system, especially a gas furnace, can be a safety hazard. Things such as over-fired burners, cracked heat exchangers and overly dirty systems could easily start a fire. Additionally, carbon monoxide emissions are a danger. Your maintenance technician will ensure your system is operating safely and may install a carbon monoxide detector at your request.

Energy Savings

After having maintenance performed, your furnace will be cleaned and fine-tuned for optimal operation. With an improved efficiency, your heating system will use less energy to function and therefore cut your monthly energy costs!

Improved Air Quality

Your system has sat unused for many months. During this time, dust, dirt, and other potentially irritating particles have settled within. When you switch on the heat for the first time this season, these particles will be released into the air inside your space and inhaled by you and your loved ones.


Over time, internal issues can arise within your heating system. This can progress into something more serious and could even result in costly heating repair expenses or premature system replacement. Routine maintenance includes a thorough system inspection to catch potential problems before they develop into something more and ultimately saving you money!

Are the benefits of maintenance much more than you thought? Benefit your health, safety, and budget by calling Mason Pro Services today to schedule service.